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Sew Grateful for Tilly and Sublime Stitching

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Today I’m joining Debi over at My Happy Sewing Place in her Sew Grateful Challenge.

One of my favorite giveaways that I’ve won since becoming an active participant in this wonderful online sewing community was from Sublime Stitching and Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons.  They sent me a large canvas bag and a set of the Beach Babes embroidery patterns.  I’ve never done any detailed embroidery before, just the eyes and noses for my animal blankets, so this gift of embroidery patterns enabled me to venture into new sewing territory.  The patterns even came with a detailed explanation of a basic embroidery stitch, so all I really needed was the embroidery thread.

I purchased a giant package of every-color embroidery thread from my local chain store the week I got the package in the mail.  I came up with the layout I wanted – a beach scene on one side of the bag and a pool scene on the other. I started ironing my patterns on to the large canvas bag, and… Screech! I made an unfortunate mistake.  You see, you’re supposed to transfer the embroidery patterns to your fabric by pressing each where you want it.  But, if you get a bit over zealous, and, say, try to iron a bunch on at once, then they can shift, which will smear your pattern across your fabric surface.  It’s no big deal, but in the future I’ll make sure to do one at a time and to tape each in place first.

Regardless, I pushed forward because the patterns are awesome.

So far I’ve only finished one of the babes, shown above.  I did the bulk of the work on her while watching the Berlin marathon with friends.  Because of the time zone differences, the marathon was from midnight until 3 am, and I needed a bit of something to occupy my hands so that I wouldn’t fall asleep!  Plus, I had fun showing off my winnings and sharing a bit of the embroidery love with my friends.  I was hoping to have the bag finished by now, but work has gotten busy lately, and I’ve had to push aside fun things like practicing my embroidery. Hopefully you’ll be seeing a full set of Beach Babes here before too long.

Doesn’t she look so lonely?  Don’t worry, she’ll soon be surrounded by another sunning beauty, an umbrella, a small beach bag, and a beach babe wading out into the ocean.  And that’s only half the embroidery patterns that the package came with!

PS  I figured I’d also send a thank you to Mena of the Sew Weekly and Sunni of A Fashionable Stitch for also sending me a wrist pincushion that I won during Mena’s 30 Days of Pincushions Month.  It’s on my wrist constantly as I’m sewing.  I’ve gotten so much use out of it!

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