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The Circle Skirt Remake

In between long bouts of writing this week, I finished my circle skirt.  All it needed was the hem, but I wanted to make sure I marked the hem twice before I cut and stitched.  When I finally tried it on, I realized the raw edges hit right at the top of my knee.  Many moons ago I discussed this skirt length on this blog in relation to the Golden Ratio.  I thought it was what the Golden Ratio predicted as the most flattering hem line for me, which thoroughly confused me because it just didn’t look right.  It turns out I’d done my math wrong, which means my instincts were right.  So, I decided I’d take roughly two inches off the front center to bring the skirt up to a level that would hopefully highlight the thinnest portion of my thigh.  I pinned first on my dress form using a Mini-Max Singer Skirt Marker, finding that I had to take off a bit more where the bias fell and a bit less in the back – all as expected, and then put on the skirt and turned and turned for my husband until he confirmed that the pins both were level and fell at a nice length.

I held my breath and cut.

I then used my narrow hem foot to stitch the hem.  It’s a lovely foot that folds the raw edge of the fabric over 1/4″ then 1/4″ again and stitches along the fold.  While it sounds complicated, it was easy enough to use after reading the detailed Threads posts on Mastering the Narrow Hemmer.  The result matches the machine-rolled hem that Casey posted during her Sew-Along, only it takes one trip around the hem to get the result.  A huge time (and thread) saver.  In my opinion, it made for the perfect finish to this casual, flirty skirt.

While the 50s stylings of this skirt’s former life were fun, it’s not what the fabric wanted to be.  It’s a light, airy bastiste that wants to be short and casual.  I think I was finally able to make it into what it wanted.

A job well done.

Also, this coming week happens to be the Sew Weekly theme “Patternless,” a week where everyone sewing along drafts their own patterns, so I’m entering this self-drafted circle skirt.  It’s been ages since I’ve sewn anything in line with the Sew Weekly, so I’m thrilled at this timing.  Here are the facts à la Sew Weekly.

Fabric: indigo-dyed cotton batiste from
Pattern: self-drafted circle skirt
Year: 2011
Notions: invisible zipper

16 thoughts on “The Circle Skirt Remake

    1. Thanks! I like the shorter length, too, and the swishy hem. But, I’m still not used to skirts that sit at my natural waist. I just don’t know how to style them.

      1. I know what you mean– I don’t have a lot of tops that look good tucked in, so I find that I don’t wear my high-waisted skirts very often. I think I need to do more of the “fill in the gaps” sewing and make things that will complete outfits.

  1. Thanks for the comment! And also, thanks for mentioning the book launch! I totally missed the blog post on BurdaStyle about it, so thanks for pointing it out! Hope to see you there!
    Also, nice circle skirt! They’re so much fun to twirl in, but man do those hems take a long time!

  2. Hi Amy! Love the skirt. This shade of purple looks lovely on you. I actually didn’t even know about the party. But I am super busy these days so I doubt I’d make it either way. I’ve just been sewing constantly lately, but I can’t say I’m ot enjoying it!

  3. Adorable skirt and a great length for you. I love these photos, too–gorgeous color! I get the ‘hold your breath and cut’ thing–I’ve accidentally overestimated trimming when hemming trousers so many times. I’ll have to check out the Threads posts. I have an old Bernina roll hemmer foot and need to practice.

    1. The Threads posts were great for building my confidence, though I did practice on a ton of scraps first. The jewel tones were definitely making me happy, but a lot of the vibrance in these photos is thanks to Photoshop!

  4. I’m so happy to see this shorter length! Last week I wanted to whip up a circle skirt, and realized I have absolutely nothing in my stash in the right yardage. Thought about making a shorter version, then thought it might look a little too cheerleader uniform (not that short, but still!), or that the wind would blow it up too readily. I have to say, your flirty skirt is making me think on this some more. It looks great on you! Have you ever used the diamond theory of length determination? Standing in ballet position 1, wherever you see the negative space diamonds between your legs determine a good skirt length, or so they say…

  5. I must invest in a rolling hem foot if it means a faster way of hemming a skirt. It took me ages to hem my first circle skirt. Oy.

    I love how fluid the fabric looks. It’s going to be a great staple in your wardrobe.

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