The Night When Sewing Bloggers Came to Life

The last month at work has been all about an upcoming deadline, which happens to be this Thursday. My life has been all about writing, writing, writing. But, yesterday, my boss informed me that the deadline was pushed back a month. I let out a sigh of relief and then totally shut down. I’d been pushing so hard, my body decided it needed a break from work. I took a walk to see the chickens that live nearby work, left the lab at 5 pm (early for me!), and hopped on a train to the city.

The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. I’d had my eye on the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook Launch Party in San Francisco for the past week, and I’d even done my best to let other local bloggers know that I was going to try to be there so it wouldn’t be so awkward introducing myself to people that I shouldn’t know but did know thanks to the wonderful internets.

I was giddy as I got off the train and walked the few blocks to the party. BurdaStyle outdid themselves hosting at the amazing TechShop, a public workshop with laser cutters, industrial sewing machines, and just about everything a crafty, make-it-yourself kind of person would want. You could build anything there. Seriously.

It was a wonderful party. ModCloth had us looking for mismatching socks, nose rings, and patterned tights; Britex was showing off their craftiness with an amazing wool felt. And, best of all were the sewing bloggers that I got to meet – in real life.

I met Ali of The Wardrobe Reimagined, with her fabulous purple cords that I knew I recognized. Who needs patterns, right? She had a friend with her who had just made her first A-line skirt, and I hope to hear that that friend keeps sewing.

I also met Natasha of All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go, who was wearing the most gorgeous lace dress. After seeing the obvious talent that went into making her dress, it’s no wonder BurdaStyle asked her to be a part of their book.

Then there was Laura of Lilacs and Lace, who’s wool coat was just too unbelievable for words. She is such a delight and definitely knows how to dress up – it’s no wonder she’s Cathy’s new muse.

Meg of Made by Meg was also there showing off her knack for bringing out the best in knits. Her infectious smile was further proof that sewing bloggers are some of the best people around.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mena of the Sew Weekly. I bailed on the Gatsby Day after getting sick and not having enough time to sew (how she sews a Gatsby-era dress (or three!) in a day is beyond me!), so I was glad to finally have the chance to introduce myself last night. The Sew Weekly is really the reason I know about sewing blogs. I stumbled upon it a few months after starting to sew myself, and the rest is history. As you’d expect, Mena gives out the greatest business cards. The front of the card has two buttons sewn to it, and the back of the card explains who she is and where we met. She was wearing her Hips-Don’t-Lie dress, and showed us how she can get a dress that fitting to pass the Mena test. Too funny. Mena also had a friend with her who sounded like she’d been sewing for a while. As someone who’s only been sewing for a year, it’s inspirational to see how far the hobby can go with time and experience.

I also met a new-to-me blogger: Jessica from A Yen for Craft. She was not only showing off a handmade skirt but also a beautiful orange sweater that she knit herself. I laughed and told my husband (who joined me later in the evening and was my ride home) that he better watch out because I was getting inspired to pick up another time consuming hobby. I will learn to knit one of these days.

There were many, many more people last night, and it was motivating to see how many people are excited by sewing and craftiness in the Bay Area alone. I’m a big fan of BurdaStyle, and I hope their Sewing Handbook brings them much success.

21 thoughts on “The Night When Sewing Bloggers Came to Life

    1. It was fun. But, it’s weird at the same time to walk up to someone and say, “Hello, I’m Amy. We’ve never met, but I know what you wore yesterday.” Hopefully there’ll be a meet up in your area sometime. Also, if you’re ever in the Norfolk area, you should introduce yourself to Casey of Elegant Musings. It was fun to read that she just moved to Virginia!

  1. What fun! I was super bummed to miss out on the NYC launch party. Looks like you guys had a great time! I’m so glad you have a little more time before your deadline! Yay!

    1. Oh, that’s too bad that you had to miss the NY launch party. It was fun. But, the NY sewing bloggers always seem like they’re making excuses to hang out. I’m sure there will be another fun party for you to go to soon enough.

  2. How fun. This is probably one of the great things about living in the SF area–blogger-mania! Is that your paparazzi man in the first photo? 😉 I tried knitting once, about 10 years ago but just made a scarf. It was totally addictive and soothing, and no one could get my attention while I was doing it!

    1. Yes, that’s my husband. He came half way through the night and was such a good sport. He loved all of the machines at the Tech Shop, chatted with all of the lovely sewing bloggers, and commiserated with Ali’s partner over the art of taking blog-worthy photos.

  3. I’m glad you were able to go. It sounds like an amazing experience. I am very impressed to read that you have only been sewing for a year. You already make items that I’m jealous over. lol

    1. Thanks! I have been trying to put in the effort up front to pick up good sewing habits. But, what I saw last night was unbelievable. I have new, lofty goals now!

    1. Oh, I would have introduced you to more people had I known. Funny, I figured you and your friends were already close with the BurdaStyle people. The next time I hear of a sewing blogger meet up in the area, I’ll let you know and make sure you’re properly introduced.

  4. Lucky duck! Awesome that you got to meet peeps in real life!!! TechShop sounds like a fantastic resource & something a friend and I discussed a year or so ago. I missed out on the NYC launch due to scheduling conflicts, so thanks for letting me live vicariously 🙂

  5. Awesome Party! Britex, grill cheese, lego jewelry, cool awesome people!!!!

    I thought I recognized you and Mena but I wasn’t 100% sure. But then at the end of the night I saw a group a ladies in fun dresses in a circle and just bit the bullet and crashed their party with a suave “Hey, are you ladies from the Sew Weekly?” It worked. What acool space huh! I am thinking about joining. We jsut moved here to the bay area and our apartment is waaaay small. Tech shop might be just what the sewing doctor ordered!

  6. Hello! I know exactly what you mean having met some UK bloggers now in real life. Isn’t it just so strange/ wondrous to “know” someone through their blog & then get to hear their voice, see their already famous handmade clothing (inspect it!) & carry on a real time conversation about a shared passion?

  7. Hi Amy! It was nice meeting you at the launch party — been having internet problems recently and haven’t had a chance to visit your blog until now. Lovely! Hope you’re having a good holiday season, look forward to following your spring projects (planning ahead … smart! I feel like I’m always chasing the end of the season).

    Happy holidays!

    1. Glad you finally had a chance to stop by. Happy holidays to you, and I’m looking forward to following your sewing over the coming year.

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