My Lucky Day

Last week Daughter Fish posed a challenge:  guess which patch gave the “New York ‘Patch’ Blouse” it’s name.  A correct answer would get your name entered into a drawing for the vintage pattern above.

I guessed patch four.

And, lucky me, patch four it was.

And, even luckier me, my name was drawn out of the hat as the winner for the pattern.

I don’t have many vintage patterns, so I’m really excited to try out this Jackie O beauty.  Unfortunately, when participating, I failed to realize that the pattern was too big for me.  So, my plan is to make it up for my mom, learn how it fits, and then grade it down for me.  When I’m successful, I’ll be insanely happy.  I say when since I won’t be giving up.  I owe it to Daughter Fish and the sewing giveaway overlords to see this one through.

As an added bonus for all of you, I’m nearing my one-year blogging anniversary, and I think it’s about time I gave a little back to the community.  So, come January, watch this space for a bit of celebration.

6 thoughts on “My Lucky Day

    1. It is a nice pattern. There’s something fun about vintage patterns. I picked up the fabric for the dress and jacket while in Santa Barbara visiting family for Christmas, and I can’t wait to get started. Now I just have to work with my mom on the muslin fitting. She’s 3000 miles away, so I imagine I’m going to be going through much of the same as you just went through with all of your long-distance fitting issues. Here’s to hoping my mom doesn’t need many alterations!

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