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Vintage Fun: We Sew Retro

I recently joined the online sewing community We Sew Retro. My first two posts are going to recap the only two items I’ve completed from vintage patterns, the linen-and-silk shirt I made for my husband and my Burberry-inspired trench coat and matching skirt.

The new post on my husband’s shirt is here, and the post on my trench coat and skirt should hopefully go up by this weekend.  After that, I am not sure what’s the best way to proceed.  My mom’s jacket and dress will be my next vintage make, but how should I share the project both here and there?

For the Crafty Christmas Club, I posted over there first and then over here after the gifts had been opened.  Right now I’m imaging continuing to write over here as I normally do but then sharing completed garments both here and there.

Any thoughts or opinions from those with more experience being a part of community blogs?

UPDATE:  My jacket and skirt have now been posted on We Sew Retro here.

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