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I finally made a Pendrell.

I’ve been meaning to make the Sewaholic Pendrell forever. I’m not sure how I feel about the sleeves on the pattern, but I thought the princess seam lines would help create a well-fitted shirt. I cut according to my measurements, grading as needed and leaving off the bottom three inches so that I would be able to wear it untucked if I wanted. In the end I took out a bit more from the princess seam lines at the top since it felt a bit baggy across the shoulders. It was an easy fix, and the result was just what I was hoping for.

As for specifics, I pieced together my bias binding since I wanted to save fabric and didn’t care about the extra seams as the binding is just used for the neck and sleeve facings.  I also finished the hem using my narrow hem foot – a quick and neat finish.

The fabric I used for this shirt came from my holiday travels to Santa Barbara.  I stopped into Fine Fabrics while I was there, and I redesigned much of my SWAP based on a few key fabrics I absolutely had to have.  It’s going to be a fun few months of sewing with some fabulous fabrics.  This blouse marks my first SWAP item to be posted on this blog.

Also, this week’s Sew Weekly theme is “Accessorize”. I love scarves, and I was excited at how well my gray scarf paired with this fabric. I wrote up a bit about my love for scarves in this week’s post for the Sew Weekly. You can find it here.

27 thoughts on “I finally made a Pendrell.

  1. Very pretty! I tried the pendrel awhile ago, but I made the sleeves and they just didn’t work well with the fabric I used (they really need to be drapy), I need to go back and take them off.

    1. It definitely makes a nice shell. If you’re not a fan of the sleeves with your fabric, I bet it would be easy to take them out. It would be worth the effort if you got a lot more wear out of the shirt, too.

  2. Oh, this is really nice! You know, I was kind of turned off by the Pendrell line drawings (it seemed a bit too girly for me), but this really looks good sleeveless (and with the shorter length)! I hadn’t thought about how easy it would be to perfect the fit on a garment with princess seams. This really looks great and fits you beautifully! So glad you’re doing Sew Weekly! Can’t wait to see more of your creations!

  3. I agree with you and Ginger – I wasn’t going to sew this top because of the ruffly sleeves, but your version is great! That’s a super cute basic top that fits you really well. I love the fabric.

    1. I agree. I keep imagining it under a soft gray blazer or jacket… Only, I’m trying not to sidetrack the sewing plans I already have!

  4. I love that fabric! I’m not a member of sew weekly, but I’ll have to check it out when I get some time. I’m doing a lot of sewing lately but it’s pretty much all work related.

    1. I had no idea others were wary of the sleeves, too. I think they look cute on Tasia, but I haven’t liked them on many other versions I’ve seen. Maybe she picks the perfect fabrics? Regardless, I’m glad I have the pattern for cute shells like this. I think it also works well for neckline variations like Casey’s of Elegant Musings version.

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