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My First Beignet

Of all of the Colette Patterns, the Beignet skirt has always been my favorite. With every new Beignet that appeared online, I’d go into zombie mode, repeating over and over, “Must get pattern.” Finally, last fall, I did. And here is my version in a lovely ivory gabardine.

My favorite part is the buttons. They are made of shell and the perfect color to pair with the ivory. But, they have a bit of fun and sparkle in the silver flecks that decorate the outside. And, as I expected from all of the reviews I read online, the pattern instructions held my hand through the addition of the lining, and now the insides are just as gorgeous as the outsides. I chose a bright white rayon for the lining, though I would have loved to use some kind of crazy lining just for me. Unfortunately, anything with a pattern showed through the ivory gabardine and anything with color made for a dull exterior. I did my best with the hem, but even my best efforts to stitch a blind hem (by hand, catching a single thread from the shell with each stitch) show in the gabardine. I’m likely being overcritical though since I can’t seem the hem stitches in the photographs.

My motivation for sewing this skirt was this week’s Sew Weekly challenge, “Buttoned Up.” I’d say these ten buttons and buttonholes meets the goals of the challenge. Especially since I had to redo three of the buttonholes, making for a total of thirteen buttonholes sewn during the course of making this skirt. You can find my Sew Weekly post here.

Also, this skirt is my second completed 2012 SWAP item to be posted to this blog. I think it pairs well with my first item, the Pendrell I made last week. A good start to the SWAP, I’d say.

15 thoughts on “My First Beignet

  1. Cute skirt, but you are wearing it about 4″ too low. It is a high waisted skirt and would be much more flattering if you wore it higher. IMO

    1. Thanks for your suggestion! That’s just where it wanted to sit. I’ll check the fit this weekend and see if it should be taken in a small amount in order to fit higher.

  2. I am IN LOVE with your skirt – excellent work ! I have just found your blog and am going to have a little lurk through. Thanks for sharing ! :-))

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