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My Short-Sleeve Renfrews

I finally have my short-sleeved Renfrews ready to show off. These Renfrews take very little fabric to make up. Really, just the length of the top. Because I could get away with a fraction of a yard, I splurged. I made the one you see above in a linen knit from Yes, you read right, linen and lycra combined. It’s pricey, but it works. It works well. In fact, I’d say I’ve made the perfect summer T-shirt. A flattering shirt to slip on for a warm, sunny day outdoors.

I’ll admit that getting the V-neck right was a bit of a challenge. Not because of Tasia’s instructions, mind you. They were gold. (If you want to get a sneak peak at the technique, check out her post on sewing the V in her Crescent skirt.) But, I pinned things a bit off, which made the neck binding a bit bubbly on one side. I knew it would drive me crazy, so I unpicked the entire thing. And, in the process I put a hole just under the V point. I couldn’t believe that my extra effort had actually made things worse! Instead of panicking, I just made the V a tad bit deeper and then resewed the neck binding, pinning more carefully this time. Even with the detour, the shirt came together in no time.

Everything else about sewing this shirt was straightforward. It has the similar bands for the neckline, sleeve hem, and shirt hem as the other Renfrew views (see my versions here and here). But, instead of cutting a scoop neck, you cut a V neck. Easy peasy.

I really can’t tell you how much I love this pattern. So much so I’m pretending it’s summer in these photos for this week’s Sew Weekly theme of “Down Under”. The idea: sew something appropriate for the Australian summer. My Sew Weekly post went up today, and you can read it in full here.

This T-shirt is my fourth completed 2012 SWAP item to be posted to this blog. Now just seven items to go…

I’ve mentioned several times that I’ve made four versions of this pattern already. Three were for me, but the fourth was a Christmas present for my husband’s sister. I had just enough of the green-and-white striped cotton knit left for a short-sleeved top, but I didn’t want to repeat the same sleeve-neck combination as the top above. I liked the look of the scoop neck with the stripe, so I combined the two to make my own view.

So, now I’ve caught you up on all of my Renfrew shenanigans. This pattern has been very good to me, and I hope it’ll be just as good to all of you. I know many of you should have received your patterns already, and I can’t wait to see your versions.

19 thoughts on “My Short-Sleeve Renfrews

  1. All of your shirts look great, I’ve been admiring them in your posts. But I’ve got to say something… as someone who lives near RenfrEw street in Vancouver, seeing it typed as Renfrow over and over again I’m going bananas! Hope that wasn’t too mean of me to say.

    1. Thank you so much for pointing out my mistake! I’ve done my best to correct the spelling of Renfrew on my blog, but, unfortunately, I can’t edit my Sew Weekly posts. At least it’s now right here! Thanks again!

  2. Gorgeous weather downunder (Melbourne) at the minute. Love your tops, and have just received my pattern in the post. This ‘t’ will be perfect for our weather. Great post!!!

  3. Ooh, a linen blend sounds so summery and nice! I haven’t tried any short-sleeved variations yet… seems like it will be a while before we can wear short sleeves in the Great White North (sad face), but I know I’ll get tons of use out of this pattern come summer!

  4. These look gorgeous — I’m sure the linen one will keep you well suited for winter — great fabric, neutral and light. I had problems with the v-neck too! I actually bought some green knit to make another v-neck (the right way, this time), but it may wait til spring.

    Unfortunately I think I’ll miss the event this Sunday 😦 Looking forward to what you rustle up in Alameda, though, if you go.

  5. YAY! So lovely! And wow, knit linen…that sounds like a perfect fabric for the top! I just love the green and white one that you gave as a present!

  6. Those are great tops, Amy! That linen knit looks luscious! I want some.

    I got my pattern in the mail yesterday and it’s been really hard to not abandon my current project to get started!

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