Hello, my name is Amy, and I’m…

…addicted to Craftsy classes.

You likely already know that I’m currently following along with Gertie’s Sew Retro Perfect Bombshell Dresses class (which I’m pretty sure used to be called Sew Retro The Perfect Fit Bombshell Dress – hmmmm…) on Craftsy.

What you may or may not have noticed was the little image for Susan Khalje’s The Couture Dress class pop up over on the right hand side of this blog under “Participation” a few weeks back.

Two classes, one of which I’m half way through, does not suggest too much of an addiction problem…  But, then this week two more sewing classes were announced on Craftsy that really got under my skin: Gertie’s Sew Retro The Starlet Suit Jacket class and Kenneth King’s Jean-ius! Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit class.

Gertie’s Starlet Suit Jacket class takes you through hand tailoring a suit jacket (and fusible techniques, which I imagine will reinforce what I learned in Sherry’s Ready-to-Wear Tailoring Sew-Along), and I’m eager to get more practice with techniques such as pad stitching, bound buttonholes, and welt pockets.

Kenneth King’s Jean-ius! class goes over how to go from your favorite pants to pattern to new pair of pants. I love Ali’s purple cords, which she copied from her favorite pair of jeans; I’ve just finished my first pair of jeans (more on those in another post!); and most of my favorite jeans are covered in holes thanks to all of the bike commuting I do.  This class seemed like a great next step for me.  Plus, I figure it’ll teach me how to copy most anything I want, which is empowering.

Since I’m already pressed for time going one video a week with the bombshell dress class and fitting in a Couture Dress video here and there when I can, it was hard to justify adding two more courses to my list.  But, then, when I signed in to Craftsy today, what did I see scrolling across the bottom of my home page?  Each Craftsy class, even these new ones, was being offered for $25.

Go look now if you’ve been considering a Craftsy class but don’t want to pay the current $40 a class rate.  Even at $25 each the classes still add up (I’ve promised myself no new projects for awhile so that I can stay within budget), but I’ve enjoyed them so much that I think they’re definitely worth it. Even though I haven’t finished the actual bombshell dress, I’ve already used many of the techniques taught in the Bombshell Dress class. I’m two-thirds of the way through watching The Couture Dress, and I think my recent projects have benefited from her meticulous techniques as well.  And, though I haven’t watched any of the videos yet, I plan to use some of the Starlet Jacket’s hand tailoring techniques in a cape for my mom (another upcoming post!). I think these classes are truly helping me learn how to sew well – which is what I want after all, right?

Now to go make a copy of my husband’s favorite pants so that he’ll get something out of these classes, too!

UPDATE:  I just add two more classes to my Craftsy line up.  But, both were free so no fear over blowing the budget.  First is the 2012 Block of the Month class.  I think it’ll be fun to learn a bit about quilting while also finding a use for some of my scraps.  Second is the Dipped, Dusted & Rolled: Handmade Chocolates class.  Who doesn’t love a good excuse to keep chocolate in the house?

32 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Amy, and I’m…

  1. They’re an incredible resource aren’t they?! I’ve learnt a lot just watching the bombshell classes, and like you am dipping in and out of the couture dress one… I plan to watch the starlet jacket all the way through before I start on that one, probably in April… It gives me time to track down some of the supplies here in the UK… I’ve found suppliers it’s now a case of finding the best price and quality combo! Plus I’ve never seen hair canvas so will need some guidance on what I’m looking for- another reason to watch it all first!

  2. Awww – I just looked, and there’s no price change for me… Maybe it’s because it’s Saturday now? Or because I’m in Canada? Or because I’m not already enrolled in anything except the free quilting class? Oh well. I’m really excited to hear from you how things go!

    (I do love the quilting block of the month videos from the free Craftsy course, so I can’t complain – They are already being generous!)

  3. O dear, who can say no to $25 a class? I have been tempted by all the classes you’ve signed up for (I’m already following the bombshell dress) but resisted not wanting to pay the higher prices. Well, ahem, I just signed up for all 3!!! Cough cough. One day deal right? And the knowledge is priceless, right? 🙂

  4. Ooh, I SO want to take the Kenneth King class (and I’m thinking about the Starlet Jacket class, too, even though I won’t actually wear that jacket… just interested in the techniques!). That’s a good idea– I should copy a pair of jeans for dear Man Friend… he deserves it after putting up with my sewing mess!

  5. I thought about taking one just to watch the videos even if I didn’t complete the pattern. Just out of curiosity for the format, which seems really well put together. I’m curious about the couture dress class and wondering if another pattern can be used.

    1. The class covers Khalje’s method for making muslins – from tracing to pinning to cutting to sewing to fitting. The fitting would be the only section that would be limited to this pattern. After that she discusses underlining in both a general way and a specific way for the specific wool she’s chosen to make the dress in. I think her lessons there go much beyond the pattern. From there she moves into constructing the dress, and while she’s stitching together this specific pattern, she’s using the same techniques that I imagine she uses for all of her garments. Sleeves, zippers, hems, and the lining each get their own video, and, again, she discusses each from a general perspective. She discusses how much ease she likes in sleeves in general. She details a hand picked zipper, both a center back zipper and a lapped zipper. She covers about a dozen different types of hems and when you’d use each. She even covers weights in hems even though this dress doesn’t need any. I’m currently on the lining video (it’s 50+ minutes long!), so I can’t tell you many specifics about it, but she has already covered her favorite fabrics for linings and why. The last video is finishing touches, so we’ll see what all that entails… But, yes, a very long answer to say that I think the lessons in this class can be applicable to any dress and many garments. Look for it to go on sale for $25 and then snatch it up! If you already feel comfortable with your methods for muslining, inserting zippers, etc. then it might not be worth it, but I know it’s been a great benefit for me to have these lessons!

      1. Amy, thanks so much for your detailed response! Well, I blame it on the lazy Sunday and just wanting to do something easy over coffee, so I bought the class, thanks to you! I really like the format and her teaching style. It’s nice hearing someone’s voice, one of the reasons I’ve bought sewing dvds in the past. I saw that she includes other ideas for patterns in the notes and one of them I like quite a bit. I do feel more comfortable with sewn zippers and the like but I always pick up things especially with fitting, from things like this so it was worth it. Oh, and Marina at Frabjous Couture has a special deal on this particular class… it’s $39 which is still good. But I’ll keep an eye out for those deals!

  6. I so hear you on these classes. I heard such good things about the Bombshell dress that a week ago I signed up for Gertie’s jacket class and the jeans class. I won’t be looking at them for a bit because I’m super busy right now, but at $25 a pop, I could not pass them up and the fact that they will be ready for me in a couple of months is just so great 🙂 I look forward to seeing what fun stuff you’ll make based on your Craftsy classes.

  7. Even though I haven’t watched one minute of the Bombshell class yet (which was a birthday gift last summer… I suck), I totally snapped up the Jean-ius class the minute it came out. Of course, Ryan totally encouraged me to do so, as he’s been begging me to remake a pair of his favorite trousers for years. No excuses now!

    I kind of want the couture class, too. But remain on the fence. Do you love it? Or is it the same as scouring all my back issues of Threads?

    1. I’d say watch the Bombshell Dress course before buying the Couture Dress course. While there’s slightly different information in both, both Gertie and Susan follow the same general techniques. Susan might be more thorough in all things couture dress, but Gertie is fun and you can use her class for most any project.

      1. If I hadn’t just read your above reply to Amy, I’d say thanks, and that’s sort of what I had imagined. While I’m not an expert couturier, I do employ techniques here and there, and read all of Susan’s articles in Threads. So… was pretty much decided that I wouldn’t take the Craftsy class. But then you mentioned the muslining! (Hooray for made up words.) Because fitting is what I feel to be my weakness, I just might sign up for this after all. Craftsy = crack.

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  9. Ah! Thanks for the info about the jeans course! I just signed up for Susan’s couture class a couple weeks ago and have been really digging the lessons. But I didn’t even see they had a jeans one! I just signed up for it. Like you, I now have to promise myself that I have to finish my new projects before I buy anything else!:)

    1. Aren’t these classes fun? I just finished the Jeanius class and started the Starlet Jacket. I do need to find the time to actually follow through with these projects. I have swatches for the Couture Dress and know what two pairs of pants I want to copy first. Maybe once the SWAP is through? Though I’m tempted by this Mad Men Sew-Along… There’s always something to add to the list of projects!

  10. I am about halfway through the Jean-ious class and it’s fantastic. I’m planning to spend all day tomorrow working on my new jeans – wish me luck!

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