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Two Socks, Three Socks, Rod Socks, Green Socks

One sock, two socks, three socks, rod socks. Of these three socks one is a wee sock since an inch or two separates it from the few. They are gifts for my dad who should’ve been sad since he’s been waiting since December for these other members.  Instead he has been patient and understanding while work and other projects have been demanding.

Four pockets have all, and they are all rather tall.  The bit of protection on the bottom is perfection.  No weak seams will break up this team.

Rods easily slip in through the pockets and then are safely tucked away when not out at the waterway.

The ties at the top are folded over and stitched since turning tiny tubes was quite a … pain.  I hope these three with the fourth will match so that my dad will be able to catch “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, black fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish.”

(Happy birthday to Dr. Seuss, and many thanks to his fish for the inspiration.)

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