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Sewing with a Plan: March Progress

This winter I’m joining a bunch of other talented seamsters in the Stitcher’s Guild’s Sewing with a Plan 2012 challenge. We’re all making eleven garments from tried-and-true patterns.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any. My goal is to discover several TNTs over the course of the challenge through proper fitting, and here’s a reflection on my efforts to sew well.

This month my progress for the Stitcher’s Guild‘s Sewing with a Plan 2012 challenge was pretty minor.  I only added one complete garment, my Mad Men-inspired dress, which wasn’t even supposed to be a part of the plan!  And, yet again, I still haven’t contributed much over in the forum part of this challenge.  I keep hoping I’ll find my voice over there, but at this rate it’s not going to happen during this challenge.

Here is the current state of my SWAP as I head into the final weeks…

  • Button-Down Shirt w/Collar
  • Blouse or shirt (collar is optional)

1.  Sewaholic Pendrell in a gray and teal floral – completed.

2.  Paco Peralta Draped Top in gray silk – The shoulder and neck seams have been sewn. One attempt has been made to make a nice V point at the front, but it didn’t drape well, so I ripped the stitches out and haven’t made the time to try again.

  • T-Shirt

3.  Sewaholic Renfrew cowl neck in ivory cotton knit – completed.

4.  Sewaholic Renfrew V neck in linen knit – completed.

  • Vest
  • Overshirt
  • Dress

5.  BurdaStyle 5/2011 Bustier Dress with Draped Detail in teal shantung with dragon print cotton lining – coming together quite nicely!

6. McCall’s 5308 in vintage wool – completed.

  • Jeans

7.  Jalie 2908 in dark blue denim – completed.

8.  Jalie 2908 as skinnies in dark blue denim – cut out but not a stitch sewn.

  • Trousers

9.  Vogue V8156 in gray wool.

  • Shorts or Capri Pants
  • Skirt

10.  Colette Patterns Beignet in ivory gabardine – completed.

  • Jacket (jean jacket, windbreaker, hoodie, etc.)

11.  Sewaholic Minoru jacket in “Paint Me a ?” cotton with a gold Bemberg lining – completed.

  • Coat  (suit or sport coat)
  • Overcoat or Raincoat
  • Bathing Suit & Coverup

While I’ve made great progress having completed seven garments and gotten three other garments in some stage of being made, I just don’t see how I’m going to be able to finish this challenge by the deadline.  I have two big work deadlines between now and then, which definitely take priority on my time.  Plus, I don’t seem to be capable of rushing my sewing.  So, I’m going to keep plugging away a little bit at a time when I have time, and maybe things will work out.  But, regardless, I’ve had a lot of fun trying out new patterns, making efforts to find tried-and-true patterns that work for me (and others that were just too much fun to pass up this season – I’m looking at you, dresses), and creating a substantial handmade wardrobe.  And, no matter if I finish by the end of the official SWAP or sometime later in the year, everything on my list will be made eventually.  No matter how these next few weeks go, I’d say this challenge has been a success for me!

10 thoughts on “Sewing with a Plan: March Progress

  1. Amy, you’ve done an incredible amount of sewing, which you should be proud of, taking into account your full time job and studies – Amazing!!! Wish I was as consistent and talented as you are, but we all go along in our own pace/time – I’ve stopped feeling anxious as I look at my stash and patterns and wonder when I will get around to all that’s on my list. Love your work – congratulations!!

  2. You are getting so much done and they’re all beautiful, functional pieces – definitely a success. I really love your Renfrews. I need to try one in a lightweight knit.

    I don’t like to rush either because I end up loathing whatever I cut corners on.

    1. Thanks! I just wish I had enough time to finish the SWAP. At least it got me sewing and thinking about how fabrics go together. And it got me thinking about the kinds of things I like wearing.

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