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A Cute Little Bag

I’ve been negligent in my monthly sewing class of late.  I started this little bag in February’s class but wasn’t able to finish.  I meant to complete it at home before the month was up, but I kept getting distracted by my SWAP garments.  I gave myself some slack because I knew I could always finish it up in the March class, but then I had to skip that class since it conflicted with a trip to visit family in Seattle.  I was finally able to finish it up in this month’s class while everyone else was making robot appliques.

The pattern I used for this bag is the Claire Handbag by Lazy Girl Designs.  I used an olive canvas for the bulk of the outer bag, a fabric which once belonged to my husband’s grandmother (like the wool from my Mad Men-inspired dress).  The colorful pockets and lining are made from the same upholstery fabric I used for my basket and coasters.  These heavy fabrics plus double layer of thick interfacing give this bag the structure that it needs.

The bag is fully lined, and the big pockets on the outside of the bag are complemented by a plethora of pockets on the inside the bag.  A note about sewing the lining.  The instructions suggest cutting the lining the exact same size as the exterior pieces.  I found it was too big this way.  I unpicked the necessary seams and sewed the lining so that it was maybe a half inch shorter.  I think it could also use a tiny bit of narrowing, but I wasn’t willing to unpick everything a second time.  In the future, I’ll adjust the lining appropriately from the start.

Next month we’re supposed to be making place mats.  Instead, I really want to make another animal blanket for another future baby.  I even already have the giraffe pieces all cut out and ready to go.

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