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Sewing with a Plan: The Final Tally

This winter and spring I’m joining a bunch of other talented seamsters in the Stitcher’s Guild’s Sewing with a Plan 2012 challenge. We’re all making eleven garments from tried-and-true patterns.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any. My goal is to discover several TNTs over the course of the challenge through proper fitting, and this post marks its completion.

This month everything finally came together for the Stitcher’s Guild‘s Sewing with a Plan 2012 challenge.  I was able to complete eleven garments that all fit into the SWAP’s requirements.  But, I wouldn’t say I exactly met all of the goals of the SWAP.  Many of the patterns I used are not going to become the “tried-and-true”, or TNT, patterns the SWAP intended for those participating to perfect.  But, I’m proud to have finished eleven garments in the allotted time frame.  And, I think getting distracted with other Sew-Alongs and changing a few things here and there were good for my growth as a seamstress anyway.

Here is my final SWAP 2012 tally…

  • Button-Down Shirt w/Collar
  • Blouse or shirt (collar is optional)

1.  Sewaholic Pendrell in a gray and teal floral – completed.

2.  Paco Peralta Draped Top in gray silk – completed (and featured on Peralta’s own blog here).

  • T-Shirt

3.  Sewaholic Renfrew cowl neck in ivory cotton knit – completed.

4.  Sewaholic Renfrew V neck in linen knit – completed.

  • Vest
  • Overshirt
  • Dress

5.  BurdaStyle 5/2011 Bustier Dress with Draped Detail in teal shantung with dragon print cotton lining – completed (full pictures posted in tomorrow’s Tuesdays with Gertie!).

6. McCall’s 5308 in vintage wool – completed.

  • Jeans

7.  Jalie 2908 in dark blue denim – completed.

8.  Jalie 2908 as skinnies in dark blue denim – completed, but yet to be posted.

  • Trousers

9.  McCall’s M5249 in ivory silk – completed.

  • Shorts or Capri Pants
  • Skirt

10.  Colette Patterns Beignet in ivory gabardine – completed.

  • Jacket (jean jacket, windbreaker, hoodie, etc.)

11.  Sewaholic Minoru jacket in “Paint Me a ?” cotton with a gold Bemberg lining – completed.

  • Coat  (suit or sport coat)
  • Overcoat or Raincoat
  • Bathing Suit & Coverup

So, that makes two blouses, two t-shirts, two dresses, two pairs of jeans, one pair of trousers, one skirt, and one jacket.  A good range of garments, all of which have been and will be worn.  Since the Minoru jacket was the inspiration for the color scheme, the range of colors is broad, but I think they all work together.  Everything could be worn with the jacket, though the two dresses are not really the right style.

As far as TNT patterns, I’d say the Renfrew top and Jalie 2908 jeans definitely fall into that category.  I already have my next pair of jeans cut out and ready to be stitched.  (Watch out!  They’re orange!)  And, I picked up several knits at the FabMo event that are destined to become Renfrews.

What a crazy adventure these past few months have been.  The SWAP really tested my sewing skills, pushed me to think about fit, encouraged me to make a wide range of garments that I can wear day in and day out, and kept me excited about sewing.  Thank you Stitcher’s Guild.  You might be seeing me for another SWAP next year, but no promises.

18 thoughts on “Sewing with a Plan: The Final Tally

  1. Conrats! Now you have a coordinated set of clothes to choose from.
    (I’m still working on getting there)

  2. Yeah, you did it! Congrats, Amy. That’s just about two a month, and look at all the different techniques, let alone fit experience, that came out of it! All really wonderful and wearable garments. I like orange jeans, too 😉

    1. Making jeans is actually pretty easy. You just have to convince your machine it can sew over thick layers. I made my first pair straight from the pattern. I better fit this second pair. If I can find the time, I’ll write more about my alterations when I finally get around to posting them.

      1. I hadn’t thought about that– I haven’t really used very thick fabric since I got my new machine (my old borrowed machine HATED anything medium-weight or above). I’m thinking of taking the Kenneth King Jean-ius corse, as my favorite jeans are starting to rip at the seams, but I STILL haven’t done the Bombshell course, so I’m not sure… 🙂

    1. I bought the Jalie 2908 pattern based on recommendations on Pattern Review, but Tanit-Isis is the one who finally got me over my fear of making jeans. It turns out jeans are really easy! As long as your machine doesn’t mind sewing through thick layers. I got my denims from two local stores. The dark wash was from a warehouse in SF, and the orange was actually from Joann Fabrics. Once I am satisfied that I’ve got a great fit with my pattern, I’m going to try out the fancy denims from Fine Fabrics. I already have my swatches!

  3. Those are really great pieces, Amy! That Paco Peralta top is ssooooo beautiful on you. I love that top.

    I’m excited to see your bombshell dress and the orange jeans.

  4. Wow – what an impressive range of garments! You must have been working in a very focused fashion! 🙂 I should try another pair of jeans. (My first ones didn’t work out.)

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