Sewing with a Plan: The 2012 Collage

This winter and spring I’m joining a bunch of other talented seamsters in the Stitcher’s Guild’s Sewing with a Plan 2012 challenge. We’re all making eleven garments from tried-and-true patterns. Unfortunately, I don’t have any. My goal is to discover several TNTs over the course of the challenge through proper fitting, and this post continues the discussion.

The Stitcher’s Guild Sewing with a Plan challenge is actually a contest. Garment photos are submitted, votes are cast, and winners are chosen. Because I think the Minoru is the focus here, I’ve named my SWAP the “Mix-and-Match Minoru”. (In the beginning I called it “Fading into Blue” since it was mostly neutrals with a bit of bright blue.)

All of the entries are up here. I encourage you to check out the other talented seamsters who completed this year’s SWAP. They’re inspiring! And, if you’re a member of the Stitcher’s Guild, you can even participate in the voting.

24 thoughts on “Sewing with a Plan: The 2012 Collage

  1. So nice to meet you, Amy! This is a *very* impressive swap! Your jacket is wonderful and even better in person!

  2. Ooh, I have to check out other SWAPs. Congratulations on finishing–a whole collection! I love how you have found a lot of basics in this, but dashed with a few really WOW pieces. Blue is really your color–so lovely on you.

  3. Congratulations!!! What a great SWAP — you used such great fabrics and indie patterns, too. 🙂 I wish I could vote but I’m not a Stitcher’s Guild member. (Also: I haven’t told you how impressed I am by those straight leg jeans! Definitely my favorite cut in a jean)

  4. Great looking SWAP wardrobe. Having finished several SWAP wardrobes myself, I know how much work they are. You deserve a big congrats! on finishing a beautiful, custom made, coordinated wardrobe in your favorite colors and styles. .

    1. No worries, Evelyne. I wasn’t intending to encourage those who can vote to vote for me. I think everyone should always vote for their favorites – the ones that to them best meet the challenge. I threw pajamas into my SWAP! I’m not sure I’d even vote for mine if I could!!

  5. Congratulations on putting together a super Interchangeable collection of clothes! I had not idea this was a contest although I follow several bloggers who are participating. Good luck!!

  6. Congrats Amy!! What a great collection – I love how you put it together!

    I have a really difficult time sticking to a plan, but this totally inspires me to make pieces that coordinate.

  7. Congartulations Amy, so pleased you are on the podium with Robin and I. Your SWAP is very impressive and even more so that you are new to sewing.

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