My Lucky Month!

The generosity of the online sewing community is just amazing.  Over the past month I received more than I deserve for simply sewing and sharing and participating online.  I feel quite lucky, and I can’t thank these wonderful companies and bloggers enough for their generosity.

First up is the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit and Designing Stylus, which I bought with the $50 gift card SFD donated as a prize for the Stitcher’s Guild SWAP.  I can’t wait to try out this kit and start drafting dresses, blouses, and skirts all perfectly fitted for me.

Next up is the prize I won from Valerie of Sew Cranky‘s May giveaway.  I received three patterns, The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques by Lynda Maynard, and a fancy red wrist pin cushion.  I devoured the book within the first five minutes of opening the package, giddy over the detailed how-to photos of technique after technique.  And, I have to admit that I was really excited to get the red pin cushion even though I already own a similar blue one.  I figured one could be for my quilting pins and the other for my silk pins.  Strangely, they both fit differently even though their metal bands are the exact same size.  My blue one has a much larger space between the bottom of the bands, making it in effect larger around.  Though the difference may simply be a defect in one of these two, it’s interesting to wonder if the red is a “small” and the blue is a “large”?  In either case, I can and will wear them both on my forearm (neither, unfortunately, sits nicely on my wrist).  I’d also love to sew the pattern on top for my Mom…  Right after I finish her linen dress, cape, and French jacket, of course!

You should check out her June giveaway.  She’s paired a vintage sewing book with buttons and patterns galore.

Last but not least is the prize I won from The Perfect Nose‘s May giveaway, yet another fabulous book to add to my collection:  Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Shaeffer.  This book is currently winging its way over from Australia.  I imagine I’m going to devour it just as quickly as I did the couture sewing book above.  Watch out world, I really am learning how to Sew Well.

You should also check out her June giveaway.  If you win, you could learn how to make art with knit thanks to Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics.

Thank you again to Sure-Fit Designs, Valerie of Sew Cranky, and The Perfect Nose.  I am so incredibly grateful, and these gifts will undoubtedly aid in my quest to learn how to sew well.

8 thoughts on “My Lucky Month!

  1. hahaha thanks for the link love, I posted the book on Monday so it should reach you (depending on the vagaries of the Oz and US postal systems) in a week or three.

  2. Check you out! Those all look like really marvelous additions… and two couture sewing books (perfect timing for the suit, too)!

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