Please Give a Hug to your Loved Ones

Almost seven months have passed since I asked for thoughts and prayers for my family.  Though the surgery to remove my family member’s brain tumor went better than expected, they ultimately lost their battle with cancer this week.  As I joked about future life yesterday, I was really dealing with heartbreak and loss.  That said, I saw many miracles happen over the past half a year – one in particular that I’d been praying for for years – and I’m choosing to focus my emotional energy there today.

Please give a hug to your loved ones today, and give a smile to a stranger, even if they just cut you off.  Life is too short not to.

28 thoughts on “Please Give a Hug to your Loved Ones

  1. Amy, I cannot think of any words that would ease that kind of pain but I can wish that you and your family will find the strength to cope. Lots of love xxxx

  2. I lost the most important woman in my life last year to a brain tumor and I grieve for her everyday. My heart really goes out to you today. My condolences, but also: To a full and amazing life ahead. For miracles and healing and love.

  3. So sorry for your loss, Amy. My DH has recently been through the same loss of a dear family member. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this news – as someone who has lost many close family members to cancer, including my mother a few years ago, I sincerely empathize. The best advice anyone ever gave me during that time was, “be gentle with yourself.” Thinking of you <3.

  5. Amy – I’m so sorry for your loss. Even when a loss is expected, it is still painful. We lost my grandma almost exactly a year ago and it’s still hard. Much love to your and yours.

  6. Amy, I am so sorry to hear this and I feel your grief and loss. My MIL was diagnosed with cancer this year and am beginning to know the many up and down feelings in it. We too have seen so many prayers answered and yet life in these times feels so short and precious. Sending you a big hug from Texas.

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