Fall 2012 Pantone

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve tried to keep an eye on the upcoming season’s predicted Pantone. My orange jeans (which are likely going to get draped in lace – thanks for the idea Oona!) were actually inspired by the post I did for the spring 2012 colors and the 2012 color of the year:  Tangerine Tango. But, other than those jeans, I haven’t really thought much about how this season’s predicted colors fit into my wardrobe. In fact, the upcoming fall colors hadn’t even crossed my mind until I realized the solstice was a couple of days ago.  So, these colors are two days late.  And, I already have so many projects in queue that I don’t know that these colors will make it intentionally into my sewing anytime soon.  It’s still fun to read their crazy names though.  What about you – do you consider the Pantone’s predicted colors in your seasonal sewing?

20 thoughts on “Fall 2012 Pantone

  1. I would say yes. I understand now better why RTW was so puzzling in The Before times. If it’s not your color year, you are miserable because EVERY.SINGLE.GARMENT seems to be in the same color(s).

    But ever since I got back to sewing and discovered the blogsphere, I am more aware of the colors and, if they flatter me (like the Tangerine Tango, Aqua, Teal, Fuchsia etc), I shop them with single minded dedication, LOL!

    1. What I think I miss is that the exact shade is likely important. Tangarine Tango is not just orange, but to me it’s just orange. Ha!

  2. It’s kinda funny, but I never give the manufacturing/fashion industry’s predictions or takes on what is “in season” a thought. I love haute couture, and every house that does haute couture marches to it’s own beat, so I guess I just make and wear the colours that I feel good in.

  3. Interesting! I didn’t realize that they repeated colors from season to season. We first saw Tangerine Tango in the list more than a year ago. And I did, at that time, get a few orange accessories into my wardrobe.

    I like lots of the colors in that page.

    By the way, Amy, will I see you tomorrow at the exhibit?

  4. The names amuse me too (pink flambe?). But, I’ve never been one to study Pantone’s predictions. Even when I bought rtw, my idea of checking the forecast was, “Vogue has a lot of [insert very general color name here] in the September issue.” The only Pantone forecast I’ve checked since I started sewing was Spring 2012, just for the Sew Weekly challenge. I’m just not a very trendy person. By coincidence though, it seems a few of the fabrics I do have lined up for fall, will actually be on trend: French Roast, Titanium, and Rose Smoke. (Now, watch. I’ll probably make them into garment styles which are “so last year” ha!)

  5. I’m not big into the Pantone colors because I’m a firm believer that all colors are in style and that it is all about how it is worn. But I admit that I took note of Pantone’s color of the season for this spring/summer (orange) because I was very into the color at the time.

  6. I enjoy looking at color palettes, so I always like to see what Pantone has pulled from the runway shows. I don’t try to plan my wardrobe accordingly, though. I try to sew with colors that flatter my personal coloring.

    Working at Sawyer Brook Fabrics, I’ve learned that the color trends can take a season or two to filter down to fabrics for home sewists. For the most part, fabrics used by designers for Fall 2012 won’t be available to independent fabric businesses in time for us to sew garments for fall. This isn’t always the case, but I can bet you we’ll still be seeing tangerine fabric next Spring!

  7. Well, once I get over the fact that I’m apparently supposed to be planning my fall garments in June… I really like this palette! I can totally get behind chartreuse and gray (oh, sorry, “titanium”), it’s one of my favorite color combos. Now we’ll see if I remember these colors in, you know, three months, when I actually plan my fall sewing! I’m willing to abide by Pantone’s guidelines as long as I like them…

  8. I wonder if it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. All the fashion brands follow Pantone and as such create the trend. I am sure that few mid-range brands would pick their own colours so we end up with lots of the same. I find fabric stores in Oz are behind the trends so it would be hard to get the colours anyway.

  9. i can’t say i’ve ever given much thought to pantone color predictions until recently – and i’m amazed by how these colors seep into our consciousness!! i mean… i’ve just been thinking about how i could use some “rose smoke” in my life….

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