Hey Girl…

I’ve been really busy lately.  Work has really picked up, and while it’s exciting to be zooming ahead with my science-y ideas, it also means I have to try harder to maintain any semblance of balance in my life.  One of the things that’s taken a hit with my limited time is my super organizational skills, and one of the main areas that’s suffered is my little sewing corner.  With only a few minutes of sewing time this morning before heading in to work (yes, on a Saturday; as I said, work has gotten crazy these days), I found myself very overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated in my little sewing corner.  I look over at my husband, and I say, “I just can’t work like this!”

His reply:  “Hey girl, I can help you organize your sewing corner if you want.”

I died laughing.  Thank you, darling.  I love that you totally get it.

15 thoughts on “Hey Girl…

  1. That’s hilarious. =) I love how accurate the Hey Girl captions can be. {I had to straighten up my sewing area yesterday. I can’t concentrate when everything’s a mess!}


  2. Oh I love this. What a sweetie. I love how our men just get it! Good luck with all of your sciency stuff. I really feel for you. While not a scientist myself, my partner is in the final and intense stages of his phd. He is a bio med scientist and I just cannot believe how hard he and his scientists friends work for often very little recognition. I am sure you are doing life changing stuff. Keep it up! (he loves that there are so many scientist sewers out there as well).

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