To Dream of Lace

August is one of my favorite months for inspirational sewing. Every year at this time, Fine Fabrics hosts its annual World’s Finest Lace Show. These laces are too much for words.  Seriously.

Want to get your hands on some of the lace used in the Royal Wedding dress? They have it.  Crazy, right?

Some of my favorites laces in this year’s collection include…

…this paisley lace rumored to be in the 2013 Chanel collection:

…this silk petal lace that resembles lace used in another Chanel piece:

…and last but definitely not least, this embroidered lace that was used by Temperley London for a dress worn by Kate Middleton:

If you’re in the Santa Barbara area, I recommend stopping by to at least see these laces. And, if you have some money holed away waiting for just that right something, make that last dress, would you?  Thanks.

4 thoughts on “To Dream of Lace

  1. I grew up with lace curtains in every window, so I am not much of a fan except maybe of lace trim…I do think it must have been amazing to make lace all those years ago before we had any real technology. It really is an under-appreciated art form.

  2. I’ve had that Kate Middleton dress pinned for quite some time, but I don’t think I can afford to make it! Thanks for the heads up, although I won’t be going back down south until after it’s over…boo.

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