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Reading the Guidelines for Entry

Of course, a day after I submitted my 10 entry photos to the Tessuti Awards, I found the rules for this year’s photo submissions. On top of the modeled shots, they wanted shots in the design phase, in the construction phase, of the inside, and of details. So, I put the dress back on my dress form, pulled out my camera, and took some more photos.

Back when I was still only dreaming about this dress, I drew it up on my iPad. Thank goodness I kept this notebook so that I could have a “design phase” shot. Especially since I don’t have any “construction phase” photos.

I matched both horizontal seam lines across the back zipper by sewing them in first. Just as Robin of A Little Sewing describes here.

The inside of the dress – fully lined.

Not wanting to hassle with pleats in the lining, I just cut a simple skirt and added godets into the seams to help with movement.

I also added a little thread chain at both side seams to keep the hem in place.

Over on the Tessuti Awards site, I deleted some of my previously submitted photos and added some of these.  Hopefully these little sneak peeks will help voters and judges get a better sense for the details in dress, both inside and out.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already voted.  It’s been quite fun to hear from all of you.  What a wonderful and supportive community we have!  I feel so lucky to be a part of it with all of you.

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