Hamming it up. For luck.

I don’t often talk about my sewing equipment, but today I figured I’d show off two of my tailor’s hams. I love these guys. They are giant. And, they have a funky wooden stand that lets me orient them however I need while ironing.

Their photo shoot was inspired by their maker, Stitchnerd, who was hosting a giveaway for a custom seam roll; the price of entry was a shot of your Stitchnerd pressing aids in your sewing abode.  I submitted these two photos, which are now a part of the Stitchnerd customer gallery. As for the giveaway, here’s to my luck continuing.  These fraternal twins would like a matching little sister.

If you are in the market for a tailor’s ham, I’d recommend checking out the Stitchnerd shop. Not only can you choose a giant ham or a giant contoured ham, but you can also choose the exterior wool and cotton fabrics.  I was lucky to get these during their introductory sale, but I can say that the products are worth every penny.  Most importantly, they come highly recommended by Pamela of Off the Cuff Sewing Style and Ann of Gorgeous Things Blog, two women’s whose opinion on sewing I highly value.  If you need further persuasion, check out Phyllis of CoudreMODE‘s comparison of these hams to other hams – “free range” versus “nasty, salty  jelly” might be involved.  So, go, right now, and check out all that Stitchnerd can do for your garment sewing!

6 thoughts on “Hamming it up. For luck.

  1. I love these! I bought one too, but neglected to enter the photoshoot contest. My old ham was such a dusty smelly ole thing and I loved getting to pick my fabrics.

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