Slowly but Surely

The turquoise peplum top with matching skirt is coming along quite nicely. Next up is the lining. Because the Riviera print wasn’t as wide as I’d expected, I ended up only cutting out the front lining pieces from it; the back lining pieces were cut from a plain ivory crepe de chine. Had I thought about it a bit more, I could have cut the front off of center, which would have saved just enough of the print for one of the back pieces. But, I woke up with that idea the morning after I cut. Oh well. I did learn that one of my friends is making a scarf from that very same print, so at least someone I know will have the full Riviera!

Anyway, here’s to the start of a happy weekend of sewing. I hope your weekends are all starting off lovely as well!

12 thoughts on “Slowly but Surely

  1. Amy, my dress is looking gorgeous!! Yes, yes — I’m the blackmailing friend. I am so super excited to model this dress! The color is absolutely perfect. I am so lucky.

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