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Sundays with Sandra: Rear and Thigh Alterations

This winter I’m sewing along with Sandra Betzina. A bunch of other talented seamsters and I have joined up to learn pant fitting techniques using Sanda Betzina’s Pant Fitting Techniques class on Craftsy. Here’s a reflection on my efforts to sew well.

Class five in Sandra Betzina’s online Pant Fitting Techniques class from Craftsy focused on rear and thigh alterations.  Flat butts, full butts, muscular thighs, and even that pesky baggy seat are covered.  Sandra shows the class how to deal with each of these alterations one after the other, even sharing a ready-to-wear secret, and then finishes the video by walking the seams to ensure all of the pattern pieces will fit together when it’s time to sew.  But, it still isn’t.  We still have crotch and calf alterations to go before we test the pattern.

Now that I’m over half way through with this class, I feel confident saying that this class is definitely focused on pattern manipulation, not sewing.  If you’re not excited about spending lesson after lesson measuring and adjusting and drawing all over your patterns to get the perfect fit, or if you just like cranking out finished garments, then this class might not be for you.  But, if you want to understanding how manipulating bits of fabric here or there affect pant fit, then you’ll likely get a lot out of these videos.

Remember, if you want to join in, you can get a 40% discount on the class through the link below. But, if you hurry, you can get the class for $19.99 through tomorrow night by clicking through Craftsy’s class page.  Or, if you’re already enjoying Pant Fitting Techniques and want to move on to Sandra’s follow-up class Pant Construction Techniques, it’s also $19.99 until tomorrow night.  In fact, all Craftsy classes are $19.99 or less through tomorrow night!

As a reminder, I received this class for free from Craftsy in return for an honest review.  If you’re interested in taking this class yourself, follow this link for 40% off Sandra Betzina’s Pant Fitting Techniques.

4 thoughts on “Sundays with Sandra: Rear and Thigh Alterations

  1. Hi Amy, I just bought this class over the weekend, looking forward to it. Are you using the pattern that came with the class or something else? I really want to make some slim ankle length pants in velvet for the holidays. Guess I had better get busy!

    1. Hi Beth! I’m glad to hear you got the class while it was on super sale. I’m excited to hear what you think of it, particularly with your experience. I am using the pattern that came with the class. I didn’t want the extra challenge of adapting the class to another pattern just yet. My hope is to ultimately make a skinny pant as well, so I think I might try tapering in the legs of this pattern after the class is finished. I planned on some black wool crepe, but your velvet sounds fabulous. The pattern took a while to get to me, so you might be better off trying to improve a pattern you already have on hand if you want these pants quickly.

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