The Five Seam Allowance Guide Winners!


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honor that I am tasked with announcing the five lucky winners of the Seam Allowance Guide.  These five seamsters will have the pleasure of slicing into their fabric faster than most when they’re working with any of the multiple sources of patterns out there that come without seam allowances.  So, without further ado, I give you…

  1. Shari
  2. Molly of Toferet’s Empty Bobbin
  3. Almond Rock of, well, Almond Rock
  4. Mary Beth Mesrobisn
  5. Diana

Congratulations ladies!  You should have all gotten an email from me this morning with the good news.  Hooray!

I’m sorry I can’t give Seam Allowance Guides to everyone who entered, but keep in mind that Hollie offers free shipping worldwide

2 thoughts on “The Five Seam Allowance Guide Winners!

  1. Oh nooooooooo!!!!! I never got an e-mail!! Well that’s what I get for taking 3 months to check back in… I’m sure somebody has the nifty little seam allowance guide, and I’m sure they are enojying it very much! Thank you anyways… still exciting to know that every once in a while I get lucky… even if technology sabotages me right afterwards!! Love your blog 🙂

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