Spring 2013 Pantone

Adapted from Pantone’s 2013 Spring colors for women and men.

How do you guys feel about the seasonal colors Pantone releases every spring and fall?  Since the beginning of this blog (almost two years ago now!), I’ve posted the upcoming seasonal colors around the solstice.  When I started, I thought I would use them to help guide my sewing projects – a season ahead.  This strategy kind of worked, mostly because I was loose in my definition of what color “Beeswax” yellow and “Regatta” blue really were, and Pantone chooses so many colors each season that if you’re not very stringent in your definition, then you essentially have an entire rainbow with which to work.

Now I think it’s fun to keep my eye on whether these colors pop up in fashion online.  And, I swear they do – to an alarming extent.  Keep your eye out for the predicted pairing of “African Violet” and “Poppy Red”.  And, watch to see if people really do use “Dusk Blue” and “Grayed Jade” as Spring’s neutrals, particularly paired with the longstanding neutral “Linen”.  Finally, look out for “Monacco Blue” paired with “Poppy Red” and “Linen” or with “Emerald”.  I bet you’ll be surprised!

So, what do you think?  Are you excited about any of these colors?  Are you also loose in your definition of “Lemon Zest” and “Nectarine”, and essentially interpret these colors to mean you can sew with any bright, fun colors you want this spring and summer?  Do you watch out for the predicted pairings – with the realization that you might just be seeing them just because you’re looking for them, like when you decide you like a certain type of car and suddenly you see it everywhere?!

11 thoughts on “Spring 2013 Pantone

  1. kind of boring colours! i’m still loving oxblood as a colour, and I’m not really feeling these at all! usually I’m into the pantone choices as well. thanks for letting me know what the new ones are!


  2. Like you, I pay close attention to the colors, but then I do what I want. For one thing, my stash is pretty full already. But I like to know what colors are “in”.

  3. I think they are a bit dull – nothing in the pink or fuschia, nor turquoise/aqua. I do like the jade green and have been noticing that everywhere. I should try some new colors but these don’t convince me to expand my palette.

  4. Oooh, thanks for alerting us that the colors are out! I’m with Shams — I like to know what they are, but then I can decide if I want to ignore them or not. Honestly, I feel like the colors are pretty much the same every year, so I guess that means I’m loose in my interpretation of what lemon zest really is!

  5. I think these colors are lovely! I like to look to Pantone for inspiration, but then I go and do whatever I want. That said, I will be finding a way to work Monaco Blue and Emerald into my spring wardrobe.

  6. Haha, I was just sewing a shirt from a fabric that was a fashionable dusk blue (well, almost), but which also had a very “homemade”-looking floral print, and I thought about this post. While I’d like to think that I care not a whit for colour trends, I think I do use them as a way to anchor projects where I feel like I’m already taking risks in other ways. Like if I’m making a really outlandish patchwork jacket I’ll feel more comfortable making and wearing it if I know that at least the colours are “on-trend”!

    I think a lot of people (and designers?) probably use colour trends that way; it’s like, “okay, I’ll follow these rules, but then I want free reign over everything else and don’t try to stop me.” Thanks for having posted about these!

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