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2012 Recap with Awards and Sightings and All that Jazz

Okay, so I’m very late to post a 2012 recap. Things are crazy over here right now, and I’m having trouble making the time to sew, read and comment on all of your wonderful posts, and write my own posts.

First off, my big news: my husband and I (and our two cats, of course) are moving to Seattle in June! I know June is a long ways off, but the fixed deadline has made things really busy at work. There’s so much to do to finish up around here! I really don’t like loose ends and unfinished projects… Speaking of unfinished projects, there’s more to come later in this post about my non-goal goals for the year, which include several unfinished sewing projects languishing in a basket in my sewing corner.

But, first, let’s take a look at my finished projects from 2012.  (All images are clickable and linked to their respective posts.)

IMG_8240 copy IMG_8007 IMG_7988 copy

There are actually 35 finished garments represented above, even if there are not 35 little squares.  I made multiple silk ombre scarves (and, that’s right, I’m counting each one!), and the peplum dress and swing dress are actually separates.  I’m quite happy with each piece and with with my progress as a seamster over the year.  I’ve tried countless new fabrics and techniques, fit jeans, learned my way around my serger, and worn my first handmade undies.  Not to mention I won second place in the 2012 Sewing with a Plan (SWAP) contest using mostly garments from the above tally.

My 2012 SWAP collage. I called it the “Mix-and-Match Minoru”.

And, that’s not all of my finished items.  I even completed a few crafts in 2012. (Again, all images are clickable and linked to their respective posts.)


I wonder if I can count each coaster as a completed item?!  Maybe just each rod sock.  Surprisingly, internet searches for “rod sock pattern” actually bring quite a few people to my blog.  Maybe I should have posted a more detailed explanation of what I did??  Anyway, moving on.

I’m not big on making goals, but here are a few things I’d like to do in 2013.  My non-goal goals, if you will.

  • Continue guest blogging for Mood Sewing Network and BurdaStyle.  I’ve had fun experimenting with fabric and patterns during the latter part of 2012 thanks to both companies’ generosity, and I’d like to keep stretching my skills in the coming year.
  • Finish some of the Craftsy courses I’ve signed up for.  First up:  Sandra Betzina’s Pant Fitting Techniques class.  That one hadn’t been languishing for too long, but I’d been posting so frequently in December that it didn’t seem worth keeping up with the extra weekly post.  It’s time to get back to it…  Maybe even this Sunday!  Then it’ll be Kenneth King’s Jean-ius! class since I promised to copy a pair of my friend’s favorite jeans.  She’s 4’10”, so a good pair of jeans can be hard to come by!  Finally, it’ll be back to jacket making in Gertie’s Sew Retro The Starlet Suit Jacket class.  That jacket is one of my longest unfinished projects in my sewing corner.  Since that’s already an ambitious list, Susan Khalje’s The Couture Dress class may have to wait a bit longer.  In the interim I want to get back into the 2012 Block of the Month class.  Those first four blocks need company.  Here’s to completing my first quilt in 2013!
  • Not compete in this year’s SWAP.  I’ve already planned all of the garments I would make if I were to compete, and since they’re worth making, I’ll likely knock off as many as I can. But, I’m not going to push myself when I’m just not sure how crazy these next few months are going to be finishing up around here and preparing to move.  Plus, there’s talk of a MSN challenge.  Bring it on, ladies!

To wrap up this post, I’d like to cover some of the highlights that happened at the end of 2012 that I didn’t have time to write about.  First, I was awarded some fancy blog awards from the always awesome Mercury – Handmade Fashion.  Thank you!


I’ve had the pleasure of accepting blog awards in the past, so if you’re dying to read seven random facts about me, click here, or if you’d like to check out my attempt at humor, click here.

Finally, I got a few shout outs from BurdaStyle in November and December.  I’ve been slowly trying to add my finished garments to my profile over there, and my bombshell dress was deemed a “Best of November”…


…and my straight-leg Betty jeans were featured in December.  Thanks for the love, BurdaStyle!


Whew! With a novel like this one on the docket, it’s no wonder I hadn’t been able to find time to post all week.  Now to get back to some lovely polkadot silk.

Happy sewing in 2013!

5 thoughts on “2012 Recap with Awards and Sightings and All that Jazz

  1. Congratulations on remarkable year of sewing accomplishments, Amy! Wow – really impressive. Sounds like you have an adventurous year ahead, and I look forward to following your personal and sewing adventures of 2013. Good luck!

  2. I think your sewing is fantastic. I particularly like your SWAP outfits and I have to say, your Minoru was the one that got me to buy the pattern! I almost bought the same fabric, but thought that might be too much like blog stalking! I am very interested to see what you make this year, if you get a chance with your big move coming up.

  3. You are so productive considering how busy you are, so many great pieces accomplished in 2012. We will miss you in the bay area but congrats on the opportunity to move to Seattle. June is not very far away – we need to schedule a sewing group send-off for you before you move.

  4. Gosh, you’ve had such a wonderful year! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you make this year! Good luck with your move! Hope you’re able to find time for yourself and to do what you love with all your commitments!

  5. I’m late to the (non)party, but I just saw that you weren’t even a finalist for the Tessuti contest. Unbelievable, your dress is so classy and beautiful! Ugh :-/. How exciting, moving to Seattle, that’s a city we might be interested in as well in the future (of course all depending on the job). Good luck with the move!

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