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Silk Dots and Rhinestones


I fell for this Marc Jacob’s embroidered silk from Mood months ago.  I saved it in my list of must-get fabrics while I searched for the right pattern.  I wanted the pattern to be playful for the sake of the dots, while also being serious enough to live up to the silk.  Enter BurdaStyle’s Graphic Dress 09/2012 #113.  I liked the carefree nature of the Peter Pan collar, as well as the design of the front facing that lent a tuxedo vibe to the dress.  Add some of Mood’s rhinestone buttons, and you’ve a great combination.


Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the outcome.  The final dress is just as I imagined it.  Cute enough to wear with leggings, but dressy enough that I could easily go from work to a night on the town without too much effort.


I just love how the rhinestone button at the very top sets off the Peter Pan collar.  Another favorite little detail:  the double rhinestones on the cuffs.


My least favorite part of the dress right now is the hem.  I was hoping for the dress to have more of a feminized-husband’s-tuxedo-shirt thing going on.  I actually hemmed the dress higher than the pattern suggested in the hopes that it would be a little bit shorter than the already pretty short version the BurdaStyle model is wearing.  But, alas, she must be much taller than me.  After looking at these photos, I think what I’m going to do is recut the hem to have the curved shape of a man’s shirt at the bottom.  What do you think?  Would that be a huge mistake, or would that help me achieve the look I was going for?


Another thing I want to do is make an ivory colored slip to wear underneath this dress and then pair it with some bright colored tights. I’m thinking I might make a pair of hot pink of tights (perhaps using the BurdaStyle Carol legging pattern?) since I got a lot of compliments on the way to work this morning when this dress was peeking under my pink pea coat (read:  my husband said he really liked the pink of my coat with the dress – but, that was all I needed to get my day started off well!).


This dress marks my first real effort to modify a pattern based on comparing my measurements to the flat pattern measurements, a technique I’ve been learning in Sandra Betzina’s Pant Fitting Techniques class on Craftsy.  I figured this drapey pattern would be a good trial for translating what I’ve learned for pants in to tops.  I think I did a decent job taking the pattern in to better match my measurements, but I could have left myself a bit more ease across the shoulders and bust.  I also could have made the cuffs just a smidgen bigger.

Also, thanks to the confidence I got from all of your comments on my blog last week, I followed my instincts instead of the directions for sewing in the collar (after removing 5/8″ from the width so it better framed my long, skinny neck).  It was nice to read that there are many different ways to sew in a collar and that you guys often break away from instructions as you see fit. Thanks for so much wonderful input! How I love the wonderful online sewing community.


See, the dress does look good paired with a bright color!  Now, go make one yourself!  Happy sewing!

This post can also be found on Mood Sewing Network and BurdaStyle. I used my MSN allowance towards the purchase of the fabric and buttons, and I received the pattern for free from BurdaStyle.

P.S.  I teased prttynpnk that I was going to submit this dress for her Jungle January series since dalmatians are well known jungle carnivores.  Doesn’t it just scream predator print?!

14 thoughts on “Silk Dots and Rhinestones

  1. I love your idea. Giving it a more feminine tux look would look really good. Pairing it with a slip and bright leggings would make the outfit a stunner.

  2. Amy-
    I love it!!!! It looks so adorable on you. You did a fantastic job.I love things made with dots. I thought maybe where you were may have been your aunt Lisa and uncle Barry’s farm.HaHa- You are so blessed with your talent. Love to you and your husband.

  3. Gorgeous as always Amy! I’m always stunned by the quality of your makes – truly beautiful! I totally support cutting back into it to create a curved hem – it looks like you have enough length there, and if it would fit your vision then you should do it! Thats the beauty of knowing how to sew!

  4. Polka dots and Peter Pan collars are just about perfection in my opinion…though I don’t actually own much clothing with either of them! That should change this year. =) Great job, though- it looks really nice!

  5. The widely-spaced dots are so great on this dress, it looks lovely. (Also like the straight, narrow silhouette+tux facing combined with the loose sleeves) And I agree that curving the shirt hem would be the thing to do.

  6. My first impression when I looked at the photos was ‘oh hum’, but after reading your blog I would tend to agree with some more length off and cut into a shirt hem would be a great improvement. I also agree that if the cuffs were longer, I think by another 1/3 it would have been great. I love the peter pan collar and the rhinestone buttons and your workmanship is super impressive and inspiring – thank you 🙂

  7. so lovely! I agree with those who commented before me, go ahead and make that hemline as you envisioned it… it will add just that touch of interest to the hem to go with the great tuxedo look at the top.

  8. Amy, I’m with the others too, supporting your thoughts to hem as a shirt tail too, only a subtle change ( and one I wouldn’t have thought of, you’ve got such an eye for style!) but what fab fabric and the most gorgeous Peter Pan collar ever! I love the way it has a weeny bit of height. This is one classy shirtdress ….A flash of a bright colour would be genius too.

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