Let’s Meet Up!

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I only have a few months left in San Francisco, and I desperately want to have at least one more meet up with all of the wonderful sewing enthusiasts I’ve met in the Bay Area (dare I hope for two?!). Unfortunately, I’ve been too crazy busy to even think about planning much of anything this year. This week marks the end of a big push at work, so once I get through Friday, I should be able to breath a wee bit more easily.

From the bit of light at the end of the tunnel, I can finally see far enough to throw out the idea of a Bay Area Sewing Meet-Up in March, April, or May. Is anyone interested?

In the past we’ve met at the TechShop, at someone’s house, at a wine bar in the city, at the de Young Museum, at Cañada College, and at A Verb for Keeping Warm, which proves that we like to do quite a lot of activities together. Anyone have any suggestions for what would be ideal this time around? Are there good events to see?

How about dates? Are weekends or week day evenings better?

Let me know, and after this week ends, I’ll try to really get the ball rolling.

Photo from the Did You Make That? meet up at a wine bar in the city.

15 thoughts on “Let’s Meet Up!

  1. Oh yes! I’d love to meet up! I will mostly likely be available late April or most of May.

    I’ve been hoping for a get-together for ages. So glad you recommended one.

  2. I’m newly arrived in SF, and beginning to be more active in the online sewing community after having been a mere reader for years, so I would love to do a meet up! Thanks for suggesting it!

  3. I didn’t realize that your time here was limited! Count me in for a meet-up 🙂 I’ll be more available starting in late March….and don’t forget that PR weekend will be happening April 26-28. Look forward to being with a gang (gaggle? flock? boodle? mob? throng? herd? tribe?) of sewists – it’s ALWAYS a good time!

  4. I’ll be back in SF at the beginning of April and I’d love to go to another meetup (I’m in the photo above)!

  5. I’d love to be a part of the meetup. I’m fairly new to the online sewing community and would love to meet some fabulous folks in person. Somewhere inside SF city limits is by far the easiest for me. Thanks for organizing!

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