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Wednesdays with Kenneth: Draft to Pattern

The next few months I’m sewing along with Kenneth D. King. A bunch of other talented seamsters and I have joined up to learn how to recreate our favorite jeans using Kenneth D. King’s Jean-ius class on Craftsy. Here’s a reflection on my efforts to sew well.

WWK-draft to pattern

With a month to go until the move to Seattle, it’s getting a bit crazy up in here.  My sewing is likely going to slow down here for a bit, but I’m thankful that I should still be able to squeeze these bite sized classes into my schedule each week. In the video this week, Kenneth showed the class how to turn the draft into an actual pattern, including how to make pattern pieces for the details – the pockets and fly facings and such.  After adding grain lines and seam allowances to all of them, we are now ready to start making our jeans!

In preparation for next week’s class, I’ve washed my denim twice. Is that enough?  I hope so!  But, I’m curious, how many times do you wash your denim before you cut into it?

If you’re interested in taking this class yourself, follow this link for 40% off Jean-ius: Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit with Kenneth D. King.

9 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Kenneth: Draft to Pattern

  1. Wow, your seam allowances look massive! Do you make them larger than usual for these things to check for fitting? As far as the denim goes, I would give it at least another wash and dry. I’ve had denim that continued to shrink even after the third or fourth wash, and it became rather problematic since the pants became too short for me to wear them.

    1. My seam allowances are only a tiny bit bigger than normal – 3/4″. The ruler I was using had clear 1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ markings and only small dashes for 5/8″, so I decided to err on the slightly bigger side to give me a tiny bit of extra wiggle room. My guess is that the seam allowances just look bigger than normal because these jeans are tiny! They’re a size 24 petite.

      Thanks for the tip. I will try to find time to squeeze in one more wash!

  2. I signed up for this course awhile back, but never felt confident enough to make jeans. Is this sew-a-long different than the course? I have a pair I would love to clone.

    1. I’m just going through the course a video lesson a week. I’ve found that’s the best way for me to tackle Craftsy classes. If you already have the class and a pair of jeans you want to clone, you should join me!

  3. Whoa, I never even thought about washing and drying my denim more than once!! Good to know! I was just about to embark on some jeans sewing myself, but I think I’ll tumble that denim a few more times!

  4. Gosh, I purchased this class months ago and never quite get around to starting it — what a fabulous idea to do a lesson a week!!! I think I could handle that 😀

  5. I definitely agree with those who have said to wash and dry 3 times…I do that with my knits too!

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