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Wednesdays with Kenneth: Front Pockets

The next few months I’m sewing along with Kenneth D. King. A bunch of other talented seamsters and I have joined up to learn how to recreate our favorite jeans using Kenneth D. King’s Jean-ius class on Craftsy. Here’s a reflection on my efforts to sew well.


Thank you so much for your comments last week suggesting I veer away from flannel for the front pocket lining of these jeans.  The flannel went out…  but something worse might have been substituted in.  You see, I am the opposite of a procrastinator.  If I can do something early, I will.  That includes packing.  My husband and I have already packed up a large portion of our apartment, including my stash of fabrics.  I figured I wouldn’t have time to sew much of anything other than these jeans before we moved.  Needing to find a fabric for the pocket lining hadn’t crossed my mind!  In fact, I only had the flannel around because I hadn’t yet packed up the bag I’d taken to my last sewing class.  Instead of tearing apart the apartment searching for the lost fabrics, I opted to dig through my bin of scraps.  I was looking for anything big enough to cut two pockets.  If you can believe it, the only piece I found was the Riviera silk crepe de chine left over from the lining of the teal peplum I made last fall.  Silk!  Could I possibly?!

I did.

I justified my choice for three reasons.  (1) These jeans should really be considered a test pair since the muslin was made from the wrong fabric – who knows if they’ll even fit?!  (2) We machine wash the silk on my husband’s linen-and-silk buttondown, and it’s still holding up well. And, (3) the little beach umbrellas will be awfully cute on the pockets.  We shall see how the silk holds up to the rough and tumble of the denim.  I plan to wash the jeans one more time before I hem them, so I’ll at least be the first to see how the silk handles in a washing machine.  If the silk dies a horrid death, then I figure I’ll just cut the pocket bags off, sew the pockets shut, and offer the jeans to my friend with the promise to make her another pair.  These pockets might not count as “sewing well”, but it’s always fun to experiment!

Now, about the class.  In this week’s video, Kenneth shows us how to draft all the pieces we need to make our front pockets.  Then he walks us through their construction, step-by-step.  The resulting pocket bags are different than those in the Jalie jeans pattern, and I think I’m going to use Kenneth’s tips to redraft the Jalie pocket pieces since his more closely resemble the shape of the front pockets in my ready-to-wear jeans.  Things always seem to sit funny in my Jalie front pockets.  Also, I’m continuing to notice that Kenneth likes different top stitching than regular jeans.  He only stitches one row of top stitching along the front pocket edge, and when I checked (after I’d followed his advice, of course!), I noticed all of my jeans always have two rows.  Since I followed his single row of top stitching last week around the back pockets, I figure it’s okay here as well.  But, next time I’ll probably go for the double row everywhere.  At least whenever I’m making a traditional pair of jeans.

Next week we tackle the fly!

If you’re interested in taking this class yourself, follow this link for 40% off Jean-ius: Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit with Kenneth D. King.

14 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Kenneth: Front Pockets

  1. It’s great you’re getting ready for the move so early – I’m sure there will be a lot to do at the end anyway! I hope the silk holds up, but at least it will be super cute for a little while!

  2. Hey Amy, will these discount links work indefinitely? I’m interested in cloning my favorite jeans shorts–wore them for almost six years and they’re finally beginning to shred–but money is being stupid right now.

    1. As far as I know, the links will stay active, but I’ve never asked for how long. Also, here’s a super secret. I’ve found if you click those Craftsy ad sense ads you see in the margins of bigger websites, sometimes the classes are listed for dirt cheap. Since those ads target based on previous clicks, I think if you click through to the Jean-ius class enough, you might start to see its ads on those ad sense things. This theory hasn’t been tested though!

      1. I have been seeing a lot of Craftsy ads around recently . . . and my money will probably start being less stupid before you’re even done working through the class so I don’t need to be too concerned I suppose.

  3. I am getting more and more tempted to try this class, I accidentally killed my favourite jeans with bleach and dying them just made them worse, I have never found another pair that fit so well…

  4. I’m really enjoying seeing how this class is working out for you, although I fear that I will never be detail-oriented and methodical enough to follow all of Kenneth’s steps! I’m also intrigued by anti-procrastinators, since I’m always guilty of leaving things to the last minute. Good thing Mr. Cation is like you; he keeps me on track 😉 Here’s to hoping the silk holds up!

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