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Butterscotch Tiramisu


Mmmmm…  Butterscotch Tiramisu…

This post has been a long time coming.  I feel like I’ve been planning for and working on this dress for ages now.  I’m still not feeling very settled after the move.  There’s just a bit too much chaos in the new apartment for me to be comfortable.  Instead of being able to relax into sewing, I find myself distracted, thinking of all the many things that still need to get done around here.  It makes for some slooooow sewing.

While slow sewing is good, this time it needs to come with an apology to the wonderful people at Organic Cotton Plus.  They contacted me about reviewing one of their fabrics what now feels like ages ago.  I explained how crazy life was at the time, but I couldn’t help but add that I was drawn to their selection of eco-dyed knits.  Eco-dyed people!  How cool is that?  I’m always drawn to blues and greens, but this time something about the bright butterscotch caught my eye.  It said fun summer dress to me.  The people at Organic Cotton Plus understandingly said no problem about the crazy, and in a blink of an eye a box showed up with the delicious orange knit.


My pattern of choice was Cake Patterns Tiramisu.  I’d just seen too many cute versions of this dress pop up in my blog reader to pass up my chance at this pattern.  I had quite a time trying to figure out what size pattern to cut, and I ended up connecting the dots between the smallest of small sizes since I kept reading about how many inches others have had to cut off the side seams to get a close fit.

My serger just loved this fabric.  It purred through most of the seams.  Though, that’s not to say I didn’t have any trouble with the pattern.  Those pockets were just not working, so off they came!  And, that under-bust seam…  I must have redone it five times.  I’d baste, decide I’d finally gotten the seam right, serge, and then find that it still felt a little too low.  I might have cut off a teensy bit too much the last time, making the seam a little high, but I’m okay with it.  Next time I’m going to try folding out some length from higher up the bodice pattern piece before even cutting into my fabric in order to lose some length while leaving all the notches and markings and also narrowing the sleeves.  What do you guys think – would that work?


The hem is a funny story.  In order to keep from inconveniencing anyone, I threw the dress on my dress form, took out my handy skirt hem marker, and pinned away.  I cut just under the pins, serged the edge, pressed it up, and stitched along the serged edge to make a fake cover stitch hem (a trick I learned from Rose of Needles, Pins, Thorns).  When I put on the finished dress, my mom (who’s visiting Seattle with my dad this month) told me she liked the flowy hem.  When I tried to get out of her what exactly she meant, my dad piped in to say that she was referring to how the back of the skirt was inches longer than the front.  Ummm, what?!  Yes.  They were right.  While it’s a bit subtle in the photo above, you can see better in the photo below.


I made myself a high-low hem – accidentally!  The midriff seams also seem to pull lower in the back (and each time I trimmed from the front under-bust seam, I also trimmed the same amount from the back), so perhaps the dress just sits farther back on my shoulders than it was intended?  At least it all comes together to look intentional!


Even with all the lack of pockets, the seam re-dos, and the accidental high-low hem, I’m still really pleased with this dress.  It’s the fun, knit summer dress I was hoping for!



To summarize my review, I am very pleased with the fabric I was sent.  It was a nice, heavy weight that will hold up to many a knit pattern.  (Renfrew, I’m looking at you next!)  I like knowing that the color comes from “low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes in an environmentally-sensitive facility.” (From here.)  And, it’s organic.  Which means I’ve just made myself an organic butterscotch Tiramisu.  Organic Cotton Plus – adding a little health to my Cake.  Mmmmm…

22 thoughts on “Butterscotch Tiramisu

  1. I like your butterscotch Tiramisu! You look great and I do like your high low hem. 🙂 And organic cotton…mmmm…yummy.

  2. It sounds like your issues with the underbust are very similar to the issues a lot of us smaller-chested sewists had. Same goes for the pulling to the back, which Sew Hopeful actually addressed in this very helpful post:

    That said, I am loving that color on you! And a butterscotch tiramisu sounds so rich and sweet…mmmmm. Best of luck settling into your new apartment; I’m not looking forward to that stage once I move!

  3. It looks cute! I started writing a long response on fit issues experienced by us less-busty sewers, but it looks like Cindy beat me to it. So I’ll just say I second what she said and that I had all the same fit issues with mine. Regardless, your finished product is quite cute (and I’m excited to see glimpses of Seattle behind you!).

  4. the name has my mouth watering, and the dress looks lovely, despite all the challenges it posed you along the way.
    Courage for the installation in your new place, it takes a while, but before you know it you will be back to sewing like before. My machine has been put right away as I work on renovating an apartment and preparing my move in September, I just know I don’t have the time or frame of mind for complex projects right now!

  5. I love it! Your dress looks so comfortable and flattering. I think I could live in knit dresses all summer long!

  6. Ha, you’re so on trend! This dress is just lovely on you, and looks like it’s really comfortable too. I’m stunned by the color of those flowers in the first picture – they don’t look real!

  7. I love the colour! I have just finished my Tiramasu and noticed that the shoulder seams sit further to the back but it hasn’t detracted from how the dress fits and hangs, but I also notice our shoulder seams sit further back – perhaps this is normal for this pattern, I haven’t had time to search deeper on this yet.

  8. Very pretty — great color on you. I have to admit that when I saw your post title, I thought you made a butterscotch tiramisu dessert! Hope you are settling in!

    1. Thanks! To be honest, I’ve never linked up with a link party, so I’m not sure how it’s done. If I figure it out, I’ll make it happen!

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