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And the Pattern Pyramid goes to…


…Oh, but first, a story.  Yesterday I went over to the lovely Jennifer of My Sewing Suite‘s house (check out her recent Bombshell swimsuit!) for a “Wednesdays with Lynda” fitting session with her and another wonderful and extremely knowledgable seamstress.  Before tackling the muslins, Jennifer handed me three patterns that she and her daughter wanted to add to the pyramid.


McCall’s M6433 is a modern V-neck dress with some interesting gathers. McCall’s 5996 and Simplicity 4141 are awesome vintage additions that appear to both love teal and neutrals. These two were pulled from their Etsy shop Vintage Sewing Suite, so if you love vintage and don’t win the Pattern Pyramid today, I recommend you go get your vintage pattern fill over there right now!

Anyway, the giant collection of patterns in this Pattern Pyramid will be soon on its way to…

…Drumroll, please!…

Kirsty of Tea and Rainbows, who also recently made a Bombshell swimsuit! (Good job, Heather of Closet Case Files! That pattern is everywhere! It’s even more fun knowing that Heather has also been a part of this Pattern Pyramid chain.) Congratulations Kirsty! I can’t wait to see what pattern you choose and watch who wins the Pattern Pyramid giveaway next!

The only drawback to this ever growing Pattern Pyramid will be the postage if it keeps growing at this rate. I imagine someone will eventually have to make the decision that it will become a shrinking pyramid again for at least a little while just to make sure it stays alive!

9 thoughts on “And the Pattern Pyramid goes to…

    1. Thank you as well! You were a great first fitting model! I’m sorry we’ll miss you for the next meet up, but perhaps there will be another?!

    1. I had a great time, too! Thanks for being a wonderful host. I’m already dreaming of my next trip back to Nancy’s!

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