A Very Belated Thank You to the Bay Area Sewists

I’ve now been in Seattle for two months, which is just about the same length of time I’ve been thinking about writing this post. And, honestly, two months is far to long to wait to write a thank you, especially one to some of the most amazing people in the sewing community. But, you see, the move and a very stressful end to my last job really killed my creativity. And, I typically have a lot of fun writing up sewing meet up events. But, it just hasn’t been there. I would sit down to write this post and just stare at the screen. In fact, I’ve sat down to write most of my posts these past two months and have had to start with the photos because the words weren’t easy to find. But, I think my creativity is coming back. Case in point: your poor blog readers were filled with as many posts last week as I wrote during the entirety of June. Crazy. Anyway, here goes. This post is a very belated, but very sincere, thank you to the Bay Area Sewists I got to know and love over the past couple of years.


The ladies who sew and live in the Bay Area are quite a fantastic bunch.  When it came time for me to say goodbye to the lovely San Francisco area, they left work early and drove into the city on a random Wednesday evening so that we could say our farewells.  We met at Britex for a champagne toast and shared a bit about ourselves, our interests, and our blog personalities.  I was so excited, it was hard not to interject as each of them spoke about themselves to champion their craft even further.

There’s Veronique of Verte Adelie, who’s amazingly talented in all things design, not just sewing and crafting.  I mean, just one look at her blog, and the talent in all directions is obvious.  Plus, she’s originally from Paris, which is awfully romantic to my never-lived-outside-the-US self.

Geana at Britex is the reason we could have the store to ourselves after hours with champagne!  She manages to keep Britex active in the community while also running her own business on the side.  I am desperately sad I never made it to one of her Pop-Up Britex events.  I want one of those little notebooks filled with fabric samples and knowledge!

Erin of Seamstress Erin is a former (and hopefully future) Seattleite who I’ve been following since I first found her fabulous dress made out of an old silk parachute.  Be still my heart!  She’s got passion and drive, and I see great things in her future.

Rebecca was key to making sure the meet up actually happened.  I was swamped at work and overwhelmed with the move.  She’d email me about every other week to ask how the event planning was going.  I’d then make some sort of baby step forward just so I could have something to report back, and bit by bit the event came together!  Rebecca is also a multitalented artist.  I’ve seen sketches and paintings of hers that just made me swoon!

I’ve now been at several meet ups with Vanessa, and she always has the most fashionable clothes on.  She’s super friendly, and I’d love to one day be a mom who juggles a multitude of things as well as she seems to.  She sews and knits and just does so many things well!

Don’t let the name of Elisabeth’s blog, E-beth Knits, fool you.  She’s also an excellent seamstress who sews not only for herself but also her family.  And, it’s a wonderful family at that.  I met her husband at a previous meet up because he was so good as to come with her.  We laughed about how awkward it can be sometimes to ask your husband to be your fashion photographer.

Laura Mae of Lilacs & Lace is the vintage darling of the Britex Guest Blogger series.  She’s such a stunner in her vintage garments, and the details on each piece she makes are stunning.  She is also quite the knitter.  I aspire to one day have her talent, patience, and experience!  Also, Laura Mae was one of the first sewing bloggers I ever met in real life!

Beth of SunnyGal Studios is an idol of mine.  I want to make up every pattern that she highly recommends.  Case in point with the skirt here.  I even added length and omitted the waistband because she did (well, that and I figured my now non-existent waist would thank me for not forcing it into a waistband!).  And, when she once told me that she made a pattern because she liked it on me, I just about died.  I also want to find the time to have her teach me how to construct a coat well.  One day, one day…

Shams of Communing with Fabric is just too awesome for words.  That woman can make fabric do anything, and she’s fearless with her style (and her shoes)!  She goes on trips just to meet other sewing bloggers that she enjoys reading.  She knows all the secret places to find great supplies.  And, she’s got daughters with talents I only dream of!

JillyBe of JillyBe Joyful is as full of joy in real life as you’d expect from her blog’s name.  She adds details to her garments such as screen printing and unique buttons that really show off her creativity.  I think if I had a closet with as much personality as hers, I’d be as joyful as she is!  It would be so much fun to get dressed in the morning!

Kelly of Bennomusik is relatively new to blogging, but she’s already thinking about things that will make her blog stunning, like having great photography, and it shows.  This event was her first Bay Area Sewists meet up, but I think she’s going to make a great addition to the community.  I wish I were there to be a part of her integration, but I’ll just have to settle for watching from afar.

And, the last of the Britex bunch, Jean of J.Kaori Sews, is a seamstress and knitter extraordinaire.  Did you know she used to publish knitting patterns?!  And, have you seen the lace jacket she made during a Susan Khalje workshop?!  I can’t help but marvel at all she does, and how well she does it, at every meet up we’ve been to together.  Not to mention how nice she is!

Eventually Britex did kick us out, so we headed to a neighborhood wine bar, the same wine bar that we went to for the Did You Make That? meet up a year before.  When we sat down around a giant table, we were joined by one more sewing blogger…

Ali of The Wardrobe, Reimagined is another one of the sewing bloggers that I met at my very first meet up.  When I first started blogging, it seemed like she was hosting or participating in just about every single Sew-Along I knew of.  These days it seems she’s really nailed down exactly what it is that she likes to wear, and she makes just that, which is something I would love to say.

We all chatted together for hours and hours.  The poor waiter though…  We were at a wine bar, but I think only three or four of us ordered wine!  I had a hunch that I was pregnant, so I couldn’t help out.  Instead, I ordered one of their plates and ate instead of drank.  Several others did the same, so it wasn’t all a bust for the restaurant.  But, I’m sure it wasn’t what they expected when they saw such a large group of chatty women!

Finally, it was time to say my last goodnights and good byes.  Oh man, did I not want to think about it being the end.  I wanted to look forward to the next group trip to a fabric store, the next museum trip, the next meet up at a sewing school…  Hopefully whatever and whenever the next meet up is, these lovely ladies will write about it so that I can imagine being there with them.  Now, for anyone out there lucky enough to be living in the Bay Area (Cation Designs, that now includes you!), get in touch with these ladies and start planning another event!

So, yes, thank you to everyone who came to my farewell party.  And, thank you to all of the other Bay Area Sewists that I’ve met over the years.  You guys were crucial in shaping the beginning of my sewing journey, and I’m a better seamstress because of it.


(I’m wearing the Jenny high-waisted skirt from my BurdaStyle x Britex Fabrics guest blog.  Beth and JillyBe are wearing fabulous handmade garments as well!)

If you want to read about this meet up on other people’s blogs, here are some links to their posts.  They, of course, wrote about it in a much more timely manner!

JillyBe Joyful – SunnyGal Studio – Communing with Fabric – Lilacs & Lace

Seamstress Erin – Bennomusik

12 thoughts on “A Very Belated Thank You to the Bay Area Sewists

  1. Amy, what a lovely post! It was so good to get to know you a bit and you will definitely be missed! I am not, by nature, an organizer, but I love to attend events, so your efforts were always appreciated. I can see that you are already making a new community in Seattle and they are lucky to have you! I mentioned it before, but CONGRATS on your pregnancy. What an exciting special time for you and hubbie. Enjoy your new adventure and I look forward to all the baby sewing you will be doing down the road!!

    By the way, I have a friend here who has a new granddaughter. I keep telling her that her granddaughter really needs a pink pig. She tells me that their apartment is too small, but I really want SOMEONE to make a pink pig for their wee one! 😀

    Pink pig: http://www.ikatbag.com/2010/05/pig-pattern.html
    Pink pig – scale shot (scroll down): http://www.ikatbag.com/2013/06/ikat-is-in.html

  2. What fun to be reminded of that evening, and with such a delightful post! Your enthusiasm for sewing and meetups comes through in your words, and I’m sure will be continued with your new Seattle community. Although it may be more in the way of Mommy meetups than sewing meetups!

  3. what a great post and thanks for the admiration. I look forward to seeing everything you do in Seattle and your next sewing phase – maternity and onward. Good luck with everything and how great that you are creating a new sewing meetup group.

  4. So glad to hear you are getting settled! Thankfully, I have not had to move very often, but it is one of the most stressful things in the world (not to mention the job, etc.).

    Thanks for a fun reminder of a wonderful evening!

    Good luck with everything!!

  5. What a nice post, Amy, it seems like a wonderful group of sewists. I am sorry you’ve had such a stressful time – it is so much going on for you! I hope your creativity comes sneaking back and you have some quality time with the sewing machine.

  6. What a nice post! I’m glad you are settling in and becoming a part of the Seattle sewing community. So many life changes, but they are all good. Enjoy each day and I look forward to reading about your new sewing adventures!

  7. What a great post, Amy, thanks for taking the time to write a paragraph on all the people who were there that evening! And thanks so much for the totally blush-inducing compliments as well. 🙂

  8. Aw, such a nice post! That was such a fun evening. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with in Seattle, and I’m so happy for all these exciting changes coming to you!

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