Fall 2013 Pantone


Well, in the chaos that was June, I forgot to write anything about Pantone’s fall colors at the summer solstice. Better late than never, right? Or, as I always wonder, would never also be okay? Do we gain from knowing the colors that Pantone says will be prominent this season? I also wonder if there’s similar marketing for the southern hemisphere as they head into spring, not fall.

Anyway, deciding yet again that it can’t hurt to write up one little post on color since color is always fun after all, this fall’s Pantone palette of colors is shown in the image above (which I adapted from here and here).  They did a funny thing and switched the color order around between the women’s and men’s colors, which makes it look like there are lots of differences when there are not.  The single difference between the two is that the women’s “Vivacious” has been swapped for the men’s “Beaujolais”.

“Emerald” is featured again from 2013 spring’s palette since it’s the 2013 color of the year.  Now, before I go on, what do you think about this title?  Is it deserved?  Have you been seeing emerald everywhere?  I can’t say that I have, but it could be that I don’t spend enough time in stores these days.

The season’s neutrals are “Turbulence” and “Carafe”, a slate gray and rich brown that they suggest pair well with the other colors.

The rest of the colors cover nearly the entire rainbow.  There’s “Samba” red and “Koi” orange but no yellow.  Instead, there are two greens in addition to “Emerald”.  It seems like it’s quite a green season, and I do like my greens.  The “Mykonos Blue” reminds me of my cornflower blue Alma, though not exactly.  And, with Pantone I always wonder how exacting they want these colors interpreted.  Rounding out the rainbow we have “Acai” purple and the split “Vivacious” and “Beaujolais” pinks.

Now, do I have any plans for these colors this season?  I have been wondering about making another Vogue V1247 skirt (I have the navy one on as I write!), and I have a lovely gray/silver Mark Jacobs stripe in my stash that I got from ages ago.  Maybe I’ll tackle that skirt and pretend the gray is close enough to the perfect turbulent neutral for the season?

How about you?  Are you thinking about fall sewing yet, and if so, will any of these colors be making an appearance?

18 thoughts on “Fall 2013 Pantone

  1. Perception is so intereresting. To me these colors seem dull and muted. and lacking in interesting blues. But I do like the Vivacious, made a jacket last year. And no, it is still full on summer here so no fall sewing for many many weeks.

  2. Being in Australia I’m thinking ahead to summer sewing! I’ve just bought some emerald silk jersey on a trip to Mood in NYC which is just so beautiful! I’m thinking of a simple top with both a draped front and back, like the top in Drape Drape, or adapting another drape front top to have the drapey back too.

  3. Interestingly enough I bought some ’emerald’ wool crepe at Rachel’s London Meet Up. Haven’t used it yet but I wonder if I was subliminally influenced by the Pantone mob?!

  4. I just love the emerald and there has been precious little here this year so far. No shoes at all. I am not holding my breath but Spring is just 3 and a bit weeks away. I have already seen and bought Linden things this Winter. Yay!!

  5. I’m not ready for fall to arrive! I still want to make a summer shirtdress and use my batik-y fabrics! I like most of the colors except emerald — just can’t get into green.

  6. It does seem to be the year of green! My best friend is planning an emerald and mint wedding, and I just see greens everywhere now.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I happen to love fall, so yes I have been thinking about it and what I may be making. For the moment though I am enjoying the beautiful summer weather and finishing my stash busting challenge! Then you can be sure I will be off in search of lovely fabrics, perhaps with these colors in mind!

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