Inspiration from the Beautiful World under the Microscope

Quilting Art Under the Microscope

Each week I get emails sent to me from the big time science journals in my field to help keep me up on the latest and greatest science.  I got a big surprise this week when one of my science journal emails mentioned fabric!  I clicked though, and I was not disappointed!  If you see beauty in the microscopic world all around us or if you just think science is cool, I highly recommend you check out this Cell Picture Show on Art Under the Microscope.  Fiber artists have used fabric to interpret some really cool images taken with some really powerful microscopes.

Science and Sewing Together Forever

Also, I just have to share – sometimes when one of the US lotteries gets high enough, I figure it’s worth it to buy a ticket.  This week’s $400,000,000 Powerball lottery was sufficiently high enough for me to pick up a ticket.  And, would you believe that I got four out of the six numbers right?!  I figure it’s the closest I may actually get to ever really winning the lottery.  The only thing is that I hadn’t realized how steeply the winnings drop off.  Get six numbers right, win $400M.  Get five numbers right, win $1M.  Get four numbers right, win $100.  Yep, $100.  Not $100,000.  Not even $1,000.  $100.  That said, I’m still super giddy at having seen number after number actually drawn, and I’ve decided I can now justify buying a new camera lens.  My good one broke about a year ago, and my husband and I have been limping along ever since.  Not being able to get a sharp focus will no longer be one of the banes of my existence!  Here’s to looking forward to some better blog photography!

Screenshot from the Art Under the Microscope slideshow.

17 thoughts on “Inspiration from the Beautiful World under the Microscope

    1. Yes, make a quilt! I’m having such fun with my straight piecing, I can only imagine how great it would be to piece together something like these!

  1. very cool! i bet some great prints could be made on spoonflower with such inspiration. and yay for the $100! you would really think 4/6 numbers would be better than that, but hey, it’s better than nothing. 🙂

  2. Wow, Amy! What a treat! I almost gasped when I saw the xylem and phloem image–it’s hard to tell which is the fiber art and which is the microscope image (also, I’ve spent more hours than I care to mention both viewing that exact image and explaining it to my classes, so it has a special place in my heart). I may have to link this on my class website for my Cell Bio class this quarter!

    1. Yay! You should show it off to your class. These Cell slideshows are great in general, by the way. I recommend checking them out more regularly if you find they do add to your teaching. And, oh, how I want to get into teaching. One of these days I may have to pick your brain about your own path into teaching.

  3. Thank you for sharing those pictures, they’re amazing! I’ve been thinking for a while about making a science inspired quilt so it was really cool to see these examples.

  4. Congrats on the big win…..and we win when you get a new camera lens,too. I love the fantastic artwork on those quilts. I’m not much of a scientist or math girl (hence my difficulties in geometry and pattern instructions) but I do think they go hand in hand with terrific sewing results.

  5. Last year I wrote an assay for one of my neuroscience courses where I compared sewing (and designing) a garment to the histological process. I named it “wardrobe histology” because a garment is like an organ, the “macro” is the garment itself, but if you look close enough you see all the details that make it what it is – functional and beautiful. Also the 3D-2D-3D process is similar. Luckily the neurologist whose course it was appreciated my creativity…

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