Generosity Abounds

These days I feel like a very fortunate blogger.  Not only have I found myself in the middle of a thriving online sewing community, but I’m also a part of the Mood Sewing Network and I’ve been able to review (and often give away) a variety of different sewing patterns, notions, books, and classes.  I feel the generosity of this community daily.  Thus, I’m always reluctant to enter into other bloggers’ giveaways.  I feel like the love should be spread around to everyone else who takes the time to participate in this community.  That said, I also know how good it feels to enter a decently high number into the online random number generator and watch it do its thing.  And, I can’t help but want bloggers to know I appreciate the one-of-a-kind items often being given away.  So, I tend to let myself enter a giveaway every now and then.  This post is to celebrate those bloggers whose generosity has turned my way, either because of a giveaway or some other random comment I made on their blog, over the last several months.

Sew Well - Stretch Lace - Floral and black tartan

Adey of The Sew Convert (and weekly sewing fame back in 2011) sent me this lovely stretch lace and a bit of lace trim to go along with it.  Now I just need to figure out what to make!  Any suggestions for how to best rock floral and black tartan print lace?!  There’s plenty to make a dress, a top, undies – you name it.

Artful Apron - The Kiss - By Goodbye Valentino

Did you know Goodbye Valentino used to have a thriving apron business called Artful Aprons?  It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Goodbye Valentino, and I can’t even tell you how proud I am to be an owner of an authentic Artful Apron, especially since I just love yellow in the kitchen and think its print of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss is pretty spectacular.

Sew Well - Fabricworm Fabrics - Elephants and mustaches and bears, oh my!

The seven fabulous bloggers who put together the One Pattern, Seven Bloggers challenge also put together quite a large number of giveaways to go along with it.  I was the lucky recipient of a $20 gift certificate to Fabricworm.  I was supposed to use it to buy the Sewaholic Cambie pattern, but somehow these cute quilting cottons ended up in my shopping cart instead.  I imagine them being quite fun as accents around a baby’s room.  Not that our apartment is big enough to count any part of it as a dedicated baby’s space, let alone an entire baby’s room!  One day soon…  Hopefully…  Right?!

Simplicity 2278

Erin of Seamstress Erin recently sent me the super cute baby bootie pattern Simplicity 2278 (above image from link as well) to borrow.  I can’t wait to make a few pairs for the future little one!

Simplicity 2217

Finally, I just found out that I won Simplicity 2217 (above image from link as well) thanks to Vicki Kate of Vicki Kate Makes.  She looked stunning in her version, and I can’t wait to see what Simplicity’s Amazing Fit patterns are like – once I can fit into garments with tiny waists again, that is!

I owe each of these ladies a very hearty thank you.  And, really, a proper thank you should go out to the entire community as well.  Thanks for making blogging and sewing and blogging about sewing so much fun!

9 thoughts on “Generosity Abounds

  1. I love those fabrics from Fabricworm! I’ve spent a lot of time browsing that website lately. =) I also have that Simplicity baby bootie pattern, though I haven’t used it yet.

  2. Oh that flocked tartan is beyond delicious! At first I thought it was the lace sitting on top of the tartan… until of course I realised. It’s got to be a dress, surely? Or a frilly baby romper? haha, you can enjoy those first few months when baby-to-be looks neither girl nor boy in a gorgeous flocked tartan frilled romper. I’m seeing it right now.
    And I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah today and hearing a little bit about her business – lucky you! It’s a gorgeous apron, and such a shame she doesn’t do it anymore!

  3. I love that little baby booties pattern. I’ve been making lots of baby gifts for my soon-to-be-niece, I should get this to make up.

    Cheeky as it may be – I am having a (rather meagre and unsuccessful) giveaway on my blog. It’s just a couple of vintage patterns and some buttons, but I could do with bit of comment promotion if that’s okay?

  4. I have only recently began to blog but I have discovered a wonderful online sewing community that is always there if you need advice or encouragement when you are struggling. I have been lucky to receive a few vintage patterns from Great Britain and I can’t tell you the excitement I felt when I opened that package. It felt like Christmas when I was a child. I have also participated in a swap meet. I was as excited to pack up my package as I was to receive one. What a wonderful way to meet others with the same interest.

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