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Sew Well - 'So Zo' Undies

Sew Well - 'So Zo' Undies

Well, I finally got the fold-over elastic onto the edges of my So Zo undies.  And, I’d say they’re passable, though I definitely still need lots and lots of practice.  But, at least I now know I won’t have to use all of the fold-over elastic in my stash as hair ties instead of in my sewing.

The particular tshirt I cut up for the undies was one I was given for a girls’ night many years ago.  I kept it since it was sentimental, but I only ever used it as an undershirt because it felt weird to wear a shirt that proclaimed I was a member of a girls’ group that was hot.  I’ve blurred out the identifying words so as to hopefully keep a bit of anonymity here.  Anyway, when I was digging through my tshirt drawer trying to find an old shirt that I wouldn’t mind turning into a pair of undies, I thought the slogan on these would be quite cheeky if used for the purpose.

I have a few more tshirts lined up to turn into undies, so here’s to hoping a bit of practice will go a long way in my ability to make a pair that live up to the idea of sewing well.  Next time I think I’ll size up though.  Maybe it’s because I used a tshirt instead of a super stretchy fabric or maybe it’s because everything from my shoulders to my knees has gotten a bit bigger during the pregnancy, but I’d appreciate a bit more fabric on my tush!  Or, maybe next time I’ll make a rub off of one of my favorite pairs of ready-to-wear undies…  Hmmm…  Now that’s an idea!

7 thoughts on “Passable

  1. Great job and a great way to reuse your old Tshirts.! I need to make more undies, Ihave made one pair and they were quick and fun.

  2. these are very cute. I am working my way through a pile of jersey scraps and fighting with the FOE, making a bunch of undies too. I have used the hipsters pattern, I really like the amount of coverage they offer.

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