Learning to Knit – Nearly Finished Newborn Hat

Sew Well - Learning to Knit

Well, would you look at that?! It’s a nearly finished hat for a newborn!  Last time I’d just completed the brim, but I’m now proud to say I’ve finished the thirty rows of knit stitch that make up the bulk of the hat.  All I have to do is stitch up the top (and add tassels if I want).  The Pixy Newborn Hat instructions suggest I use a smaller knitting needle for the seaming, so I’m going to have to break down and buy some more knitting supplies.  But, I think getting this far justifies another set of needles!

Also, you guys had some awesome knitting tips in the comments on my last post, particularly on knitting in the round. Thank you so much! If you’re new to knitting yourself, I recommend you check them out.

And, now, so that I won’t forget how I got here, I’m going to tack onto this post the YouTube videos that helped me out.  First up, how to do the knit stitch:

I got the hang of it really quickly because I’d already practiced while knitting two, purling two (K2P2) to make the brim. For this new section of the hat I didn’t have to worry about the purl – just knit, knit, knit, knit.

The only other video that came in handy was one on counting rows:

I ended up chaining safety pins off the bottom of the hat as well, adding one for each row of knitting up to ten and one for each set of ten, since I didn’t trust myself to be able to accurately count my stitches even after watching the video. But, when I got to the final row and tested myself, I counted them all just fine!

I think I’ll have this hat complete in no time, well before the little one comes… unless it decides to come over a month early!

8 thoughts on “Learning to Knit – Nearly Finished Newborn Hat

  1. Wow! you made a hat (almost) I tried to knit a scarf once and it was a disaster. You inspire me to try knit again. Looks really good.

  2. You are going very well. If ever you want it, I have a marvelous pattern for a hat called “The Perfect Preemie Hat” which was devised for Carewear. Carewear is a national organization that provides hats, blankets, etc.for premature infants in Neonatal ICU’s. What is lovely about the perfect preemie hat is that with just a change of needles and yarn, and some extra rows, you can make it for adults too and it has amazing stretch. I have made it for two young men who are Eagles fans and they were thrilled. I know it is on the Carewear site, but if you want it and can’t find it, just let me know. Great job!

  3. Oh I admire your tenacity on this… I tried knitting and honestly wanted to make a go of it, but – sewing is just so much more enticing to me. Your little hat is lovely – can’t wait to see it on your little one! 🙂

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