Friday Finds for Sewing Well

Sew Well - Friday Finds

I thought up this series last week when it seemed like everywhere I looked there was a Friday the 13th fabric sale.  Well, at first I was thinking of writing about my “Friday Fabric Finds”, but when time got the best of me and the post didn’t happen, I realized that I shouldn’t just limit myself to fabric.  Here we are one week later, and I now present you with simply “Friday Finds” – fun sewing-related things going on around the internet that have the potential to aid in the goal of learning how to sew well.  Today I have a free pattern, some pretty awesome sales, and lots of colors to share.  I’d love it if you chimed in in the comments if there’s something you’ve seen this week or know of going on this weekend that is inspiring your sewing.

This past week I checked some crafty sewing off my list, nearly finished my aurora dress, and started work on my next MSN project.  I also selected a winner for the SA Curve giveaway (well, the random number generator did at least).  It was Sooz!  Congratulations!  Your SA Curve rulers should be on their way to you shortly!  For the rest of you, you can still take advantage of the 20% discount in the SA Curve Etsy Shop.  Just use coupon codes SEWWELL20 or HOLIDAY20.

  • Have you guys heard of Teach Me Fashion?  It is a newly created educational fashion company founded by Harrison and his mom Heather, who’s been teaching fashion sewing for over 30 years.  They’re pairing instructional videos with downloadable PDF patterns, and their first pattern and video pairing is free.  And, while I couldn’t possibly squeeze the cute two-tone singlet over my baby belly to save my life right now, I really enjoyed watching the instructional video.  I swear you can count the number of pins Heather uses to make the entire top on one hand.  And, it was great to see exactly how she went about making the crisp color-blocked corners.  I really felt like I was getting a sneak peek at industry-sewing secrets.  I will be hooked if they continue to throw in a few tricky concepts while teaching the fundamentals of fashion sewing with their pattern and video pairings.  I can’t wait to see what’s next, and I fully plan to try out their two-tone singlet later this spring.
  • If you’re into vintage patterns, The Blue Gardenia is having a massive sale until their new site launches on January 1.
  • Are you fans of PGM Dress Forms on Facebook?  If so, you’d have seen that they’re offering free shipping on orders over $60 within the contiguous US through the end of the month (you need the coupon code from their Facebook page to get the discount).  That means you can get a quality dress form, perfect for draping or fitting, without worrying about the added shipping expense.
  • As I mentioned above, the 20% off sale on everything in the SA Curve Etsy Shop is still going on. I have two coupon codes that should work until December 31st – SEWWELL20 or HOLIDAY20.  Again, if you’re unsure of how these rulers might fit into your sewing arsenal, my reviews of these products are here and here.  Shams of Communing with Fabric even put them at the top of her holiday gift idea post.
  • Finally, tomorrow is the shortest day of the year, which marks the first day of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere.  For those thinking ahead about their 2014 sewing, you might want to browse Pantone’s colors for Spring of 2014.  If you can only handle one color, Radiant Orchid is their choice for color of the year.  They say it’s a “harmony of fuchsia, purple, and pink undertones“.  Their other colors for women are Placid Blue, Violet Tulip, Hemlock green, Sand,  Paloma gray, Cayenne red, Freesia yellow, Celosia Orange, and Dazzling Blue.  For men substitute in Purple Haze (for Violet Tulip), Comfrey green (for Hemlock), and Magenta Purple (for Radiant Orchid).  What do you think?  Will these colors inspire your spring sewing?


Top image my own, Pantone images from here and here.

10 thoughts on “Friday Finds for Sewing Well

  1. I like the sound of Friday finds, it’s always nice to see what’s new and find something inspiring! The teach me fashion looks to be good and their aim of revolutionising sewing is much needed I feel!
    Also I spy Tilly and the buttons have released a free pattern today for a fake fur collar which is pretty cute!

    1. Good catch! I scheduled this post before I fell asleep yesterday, so I missed Tilly’s free pattern as well as all the DIY ornaments from the exchange True Bias hosted. There’s a lot of good stuff on the internet right now!

  2. Ooo thanks for the link to the free pattern…. looks like Teach Me Fashion will be ones to watch in the new year. With the exception of Dazzling Blue (which I love) and Freesia (which I’m not sure about) then Spring palette looks a little wishy washy to me.
    I was going to highlight Tilly’s Christmas present to sewers but Sarah has already done that. How about filling your stocking with this huge range of free patterns?

      1. Yes they’re free. Not all have the pattern to download but many do. The download is usually under the instructions so scroll down to see if it is available.

  3. I’m a fan of your Friday Finds as well. I finally bought Claire’s rulers and the armhole tracing wheel just now, taking advantage of the discount code. And I’m going to say girl – when are you due?

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