Happy Happy Holidays!

SewWell - Finished Aurora Dress

The aurora dress is finally finished – just in time to double as my holiday dress!  I think the dark green is quite lovely for the season. I wore it last night to a Christmas eve service, and, to be perfectly honest, I also plan on wearing it this Friday when my husband and I go to see the Nutcracker.  So few things fit me these days that I don’t mind wearing something twice (sometimes three times!) in one week.

I ended up doing a lot of the finishing by hand, like slip stitching the lining in place and catch stitching the hem, which is why it took me forever to finish this dress, but I’ll wait to tell you all about that after I get some photos of me in the dress.  Maybe when we’re out and about at the Nutcracker?!

For now, I just want to wish you a very happy holiday season.  May the solstice bring you lots of joy, love, and peace – whether you’re in the southern hemisphere enjoying warm, long days or up here with me in the northern hemisphere braving the shortest days of the year.

10 thoughts on “Happy Happy Holidays!

    1. I’ve still yet to take photos of the finished dress. The shot above is of the hand stitched hem that took me forever! It’s basically invisible from the outside though, so it seems like it was worth the effort!

  1. Are you seeing the PNB one with sets by Sendak? Love it! Enjoy! There are a lot of other nutcrackers in the Seattle area but none can match that one (had to sit it out this year as our baby was born last Christmas Eve 😉

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