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Learning to Knit: The Completed Pixy Newborn Hat

Sew Well - Knit Newborn Hat

Well, the newborn hat is finished! The funny thing is that I could have finished it ages ago. I’m such a beginner at knitting that I read, “use a 3 needle bind off to close the top of the hat with right sides together,” in the instructions for the Pixy Newborn Hat and thought it meant I needed to use a size 3 needle. And, with everything that’s going on right now in preparation for the little one’s impending arrival, I just wasn’t making the time to go out and buy size 3 knitting needles.  Finally, I thought I’d just google “3 needle bind off” to at least see what the method was in the hopes that I might finally get motivated enough to finish the hat.  And, of course, I found out that the three-needle bind off is the name of a technique that uses three needles, not size 3 needles.  So, this whole time I’ve had everything I’ve needed to finish this little hat, only I didn’t realize it!

Here’s the video I watched to learn the three-needle bind off technique:

All that was left was to weave in the loose end, and I’ll admit I just made up how to do it at the time.  In the future I promise to look up how to properly weave in the end!

Finally, I used a crochet needle to add a few extra long strands at the top corners, which I braided to approximately the same length and tied off with a few extra pieces of yarn for tassels.  One thing I was wondering – instead of weaving in the loose end from the body of knitting, could I have just worked the end into one of the braided tassels?

And, with that, I can proudly show off my first finished knitting project!  This little hat is also my first finished project of 2014.  Who would have thought my first finished project of 2014 would be knitting?!

Now if only I had a little head to put in that hat…

23 thoughts on “Learning to Knit: The Completed Pixy Newborn Hat

  1. Aw, that’s so cute!! You’ll have a matching baby soon enough 🙂 You could have added that end to the braid, I love it when something like that happens and I don’t have to weave the end in. I’ve had whole knitting projects sit around for days because I couldn’t get the motivation to weave in the ends!

    1. Oooh! Good to know about the loose end. I thought it could work, but I didn’t want to deviate from instructions on my first knitting project for fear that everything would unravel as soon as I started trying to use the little hat!

      1. Well, I mean pull the loose end through the loop to knot, then weave or do whatever with the end. That’s what I do anyway, and it seems to work. I’m no knitting expert though!

    1. Right?! I love little hats with ears, so I figured a hat with these little braids was the best way to tackle a beginner project with something similar. It’s a bugs life, after all. (Did I really just try to do that?!)

    1. Wow! That’s good to know. I definitely still feel like there’s so much more to learn that I’m better off still classifying myself as a beginner though!

  2. That hat is adorable and I’m sure will be even more so with a baby head in it! It’s so hard to be patient, but baby will arrive soon enough — you really won’t be pregnant forever!

  3. That is so totally cute. Such a great job! Now you just need the model to arrive for it. (You may want to line the hat with soft cotton flannel, especially if the yarn is mostly wool. Newborns usually don’t have a lot of hair and the wool may irritate their skin a little. I bet you have some cute scrap flannel laying around somewhere…)

  4. So adorable! Your little one will be here soon to model it! If you make another hat, I’ve found cotton yarn to work really well, as it is comfortable and soft to wear. It seems like babies come in waves, and for a while there, I was churning out a bunch of newborn caps!

  5. The hat turned out adorable! And thank you for posting that video! I have never done a three needle bind off, but now I know how 🙂

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