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I mentioned a little over a month ago that I was going to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington.  Back then the Sew Expo felt so far away.  It’s hard for me to believe the Expo week is already here and that March is already here, but it’s true! (A friend once told me that when you have a newborn, the days are long but the weeks are short.)

I’m really excited to see what this conference is all about.  My excitement has to be tempered because I’ll only be there one day – Sunday – since I already feel a bit like a negligent parent bringing a one-month-old baby to a crowded sewing conference.  Baby girl likes to be held, so my current plan is to wear her all day. I hope being snuggled up next to me will keep her relatively happy while also limiting her contact with anyone who might be sick.

In the hopes that baby girl doesn’t mind being out all day, I’ve planned a full day of classes and hope to be there until the bitter end. If you’ll also be at the Sew Expo on Sunday, let me know.  I’ve already heard from a few of you, and I’m excited we might finally meet!  Leah of Away I Sew! mentioned meeting at the American Sewing Guild booth, which I think is a great idea.  Unfortunately, I scheduled so many classes that I only have 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there until the end of the day. I’m not opposed to skipping out on a class if there’s a time that works best for many of you.  Perhaps you could let me know in the comments?  Otherwise, as long as baby girl isn’t screaming at me to get her home, I’ll plan to stop by the ASG booth after my last class ends, just after 3:15 pm.  Maybe I’ll see you then?!

Image above from the Sewing and Stitchery Expo’s website.

21 thoughts on “Sew Expo Sunday

  1. I am also going to the Expo on Sunday (this will be my first sewing expo, EVER). I’ll have my mom (who sews) and my fabric-loving 20-month-old with me, so I think we’ll just be shopping and checking out exhibits.

  2. Wish I could be there!!! I’ve had a total blast being there in the past. Do take a minute to check out Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods because they have the most amazing selection of buttons and ribbons (new and vintage) that you will ever find. I spend waaaay too much money on vintage buttons every time I go 🙂 Otherwise I’ve found the shopping to only be super exciting if you don’t live in a major city with ready access to fabric stores. I’m very curious to hear which classes you take and which you enjoy because I’ve found them to be very hit or miss – some amazing, some pretty horrendous, even with big-name speakers.

    1. I wish you were already here and could show me the ropes around the expo. I’ll make sure to check out Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods, and I’m not too worried about the quality of the classes. They were pretty cheap, and I might have to bail on them anyway depending on how well baby girl does. I will report back though all the same!

  3. Bummer! Sunday is the ONLY day I won’t be there! Check out Billie’s Designer Fabrics – she is in Chehalis and has beautiful fabrics at good prices. Also Marcy Tilton has a great selection – and her Japanese cottons are way cool.

  4. When my son was a little baby, I carried/wore him in the sling I made (took after Rosado sling I originally used, but after a while I needed to customize it a bit) everywhere I went. Nursed him buried inside the sling, too. As long as I carried him next to me, he was happy and quiet. So I’m sure your baby girl will be too. You are very loving and smart that you are going to carry her all day. It’s a bit hard on your shoulders and stuff, but I think it’s well worth it. Keeping the baby comfy and happy = more freedom for you! (and you really bond!) I used the sling I made for over 4 yrs. Once a toddler, then you carry them on your hip with a help of the sling so the weight won’t kill you. I still have the pattern. You are welcome to borrow it if you want to make your own! Have fun at the Expo. I’ll be there tomorrow, Friday. So I’ll miss you there on Sunday.

      1. Sorry, it’s not on my blog. But, hey, that’s a great idea. I may put it on the blog soon. It is really an easy rectangular shape. But it’s huge that you’ll have to lay it on the floor to cut — unless you have a huge cutting table. Anyway, I’ll pull it out and get the info to you. I’m out to the expo tomorrow all day, so I’ll do this tomorrow evening. I actually made two different sizes of baby slings, one for me and one for my husband. I was certain with the constant and hard use, I’d need to make another one before my son grew out of the sling, but it lasted for four years and I didn’t have to make another one. I think I even still have an extra set of hardware (rings) that I ended up not using, which I’m happy to give to you if you decide to make a sling. I tell you. My son never got attached to any ‘security blanket’ or binky or stuffed animal. Didn’t need any. He was so fond of his sling. Sweet memories ❤

  5. I might be there on Sunday. I was on the fence until I saw a comment about a Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods booth. I will be all over that. This is also my first sewing conference, ever. Very excited.

      1. As long as it doesn’t snow, I will be there on Sunday. I didn’t sign up for seminars, so I’ll be wandering around the booths. I aim to be there by 11.

  6. Oh I wish I could go, maybe my plans will change and allow me the time. I thinking wearing the baby is a great plan. I had the same kind of babies that preferred to be right next to me. Enjoy your classes 🙂

  7. I am going today and tomorrow. I love this event. It is so inspiring and well run. Have fun! I enjoy reading your blog.

  8. Looking forward to meeting you! I’m going Saturday and I’ll circle around the ASG booth around noon on Sunday and again at end of classes and keep in touch through comments. I’m sure we’ll rendezvous!

    This will be my 9th sew expo! Which accounts for the yards of fabric in my stash… A few other tips for booths to visit: Japanese tailoring supplies, she has a wholesale and retail mail order business and no website really so it’s a good chance to get excellent hard to find notions like fusible bias tape, awls, spiked tracing wheel (good for knocking off RTW patterns) and cool tracing paper and beautiful hand sewing needles.

    I also really like the selection of books. The whole Threads series is usually there.

    And don’t miss the fair scones!

    1. Fair scones!! Yup, they are yummy! My 2nd SewExpo and I’m pretty excited…

      Going to be at the SewExpo on both Saturday and Sunday (yay). I only book a smattering of classes this time so that I have time to browse/shop (afternoon classes on Sat and morning of Sunday) so I REALLY hope to meet you and the others! Will look for the ASG booth since I’m “flying solo” this year. 🙂

  9. I went on Saturday and brought along a friend who had never been before. I didn’t take any classes this year (since last year I basically realized that the 45 minute classes were 45-minute infomercials for the instructors products), so we watched a couple fashion shows and did some shopping. Hope you had fun!! 🙂

  10. Holy cow, I went Saturday and spent so much more than planned. I ended up with some beautiful fabric (wool from Toronto) and a dress form!!!!!!! It will be coming in a few weeks. So EXCITED! I hadn’t been in a few years and the dress form definitely took my budget over the top.

    Have you been up to Nancy’s Sewing Basket on Queen Anne? She was at Sew Expo and had some really nice fabrics, including Japanese prints. I was thinking of coming over to Seattle on a Mon. or Tues. and looking in the actual store.

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