A Cation, a Crab, and an Alchemist walk into a… Well?

…and I don’t have the photo to prove it!

Does a meet up really happen if there’s no photographic evidence?

Last Thursday Cation Designs, Morgan of Crab & Bee, Meris of The Fabric Alchemist, and I met up for brunch at Lola in downtown Seattle.  Cation Designs was in town for a few days, and her visit was the inspiration for our little get together.  I’d met her back in the Bay Area a year and a half or so ago at a meet up at Cañada College, but I’d never met either Morgan or Meris.  To say I was excited would be an understatement.

We were supposed to meet at 10 am, but I was running late from an earlier appointment with baby girl.  Really late.  As in everyone had waited and waited and then given up on me and ordered their food already really late.  But, the restaurant was awesome and took my order as soon as I was ready, and my food came out at basically the same time as everyone else’s (the Garlicky Baby Beet Salad is delicious, by the way).

After brunch Meris had to get to work, but the rest of us had a bit of time to peruse Seattle’s fabric selection.  We knew we were about a mile away from both Stitches and Our Fabric Stash, but Meris’s parting recommendation was for us to check out the Pacific Fabrics in SoDo.

I’m glad we listened to Meris.  I hadn’t found a good notions store yet in Seattle, but it was because I’d never been to Pacific Fabrics before. This place has it all.  Even YKK zippers, which my old go-to for notions in the Bay Area did not carry.  They also had a large selection of waterproof fabrics (hello self-stitched Gortex running gear), designer cuts at deep discount, and every other kind of fabric one might want, from home dec to swimsuit fabrics.  I was good though and only picked up a random, somewhat beat up and therefore over 50% off Oliver + S School Days Jacket and Coat pattern, which I think will be super cute on baby girl next winter as she’s hopefully making the transition to bipedal.  I resisted any and all fabrics because we’re currently in the process of moving. In fact, I should be helping to pack boxes as I type (shh!). I haven’t mentioned it yet, but we after months and months of searching, we finally found the perfect house!  Yay!  But, it means I’ve decided nothing new is allowed to come in until after the dust has settled and the current stash has been organized.  Cation Designs and Morgan both bought fabric though, so I got to vicariously share in the rush of buying new fabric anyway.

As we were leaving, we decided we had enough time to stop by Our Fabric Stash before we each headed our different ways.  Our Fabric Stash is a bit different from your typical fabric store.  They sell fabric and patterns and random sewing things from other people’s stashes.  Because I’m a curious sort, I spent quite a bit of time quizzing the owner (?) on how their business operated.  Curious yourself?  Here’s the deal. If you have stash you’re looking to unload, you start by paying them a $25-a-year membership fee. Once you’re in their system, you can then bring them the items you’d like to sell.  You price your items yourselves, and they display everything for you.  If someone buys something from your stash, you get 49% and Our Fabric Stash gets 49%.  The remaining 2% goes to charity.  It seems like a win-win-win.  You get an audience to offload the portion of your stash that no longer appeals to you, Our Fabric Stash gets merchandise to sell without having to fly around the globe selecting stock (though that might not be a bad thing…), and charities get a little something off the top.

Again, fabric was bought by the group, but, again, I abstained.  I did find another Oliver + S pattern though, which also came home with me.  The Tea Party Sundress and Playsuit.  This time for $2.  I should have put the same ban on patterns as I did on fabric! But, I love thinking that baby girl will be a sundress laden six-month-old this summer and a properly outfitted for the rain one-year-old next winter.


All in all it was a great day.  I hope Cation Designs will find more excuses to visit Seattle, but, until then, I plan to take full advantage of knowing two more wonderful local sewing bloggers.

12 thoughts on “A Cation, a Crab, and an Alchemist walk into a… Well?

  1. It sounds like a great time! I think it is a really cool idea with what “our fabric stash” is doing. And Oliver+S patterns are so amazing – if I found any for $2 I would fall over and buy them all – that is a steal!!!!

  2. Ooh I’m jealous. Cation and Crab and Bee are two of my favorite blogs and I would love to meet them in person. The fabric shops sound amazing too and I’m impressed with your self control! I hope the move goes smoothly for you!

  3. We should have snapped a picture – whoops! I think your pattern purchases were very prudent, especially compared with my 3/4″ diameter cording. 🙂 Best of luck with your move!

    1. I know, we all have blogs and at least two of us are on Instagram, and we still didn’t think to take any pictures! Morgan, I’m really excited about your nautical-ish bag though!

      Amy, baby girl is going to be the most adorable thing in Seattle once she’s all outfitted in those patterns! I’m going to have to visit Seattle again just to see 🙂

  4. That sounds like a great meet-up. I’d love to meet Morgan & I’ve now added cation designs & fabric alchemist to my blog roll – thanks! Those Oliver & S patterns are so cute!

  5. Sounds Like Fun! I’ve Not BeeN To The Pacific Fabrics In Sodo Yet (They Have One In ThE Northgate Area), And Must Check Out Our Fabric Stas OnE Day.:)

  6. I’ve sewn that Oliver & S dress pattern you picked up and it is lovely made up. Baby Girl will be well outfitted indeed.

  7. What a fun meet up! I will be moving to SF soon, so maybe I will make it up to Seattle sometime and can check out those stores. Our Fabric Stash sounds amazing!

  8. I sewed my son a gray wool overcoat with the school days pattern when he was about 18 months old. It is cute as a button and the instructions provided a stellar finish inside and out. My one caution is to check the sizes well. He’s big for his age, so I made the size 2T/24 months (not sure which designation the pattern uses, as its not right in front of me.) The coat was big on him, and in fact he’s still able to wear it two seasons later. Once he outgrows it, I’ll sew a flower onto it somewhere and my daughter will get some use out of it.

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