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Pattern Testing the Belcarra Blouse – Take Two

Sew Well Belcarra Blouse

Finally!  I’m pleased to present my first finished garment of 2014 – a simple cotton/linen blend Belcarra blouse, the most recent addition to the Sewaholic Patterns line.  My new top is a perfect classic white top to wear with just about anything, and I foresee it becoming a wardrobe staple.

Sew Well Belcarra Blouse

This pattern is super easy to sew up since there are no darts or fiddly bits – just fronts and backs and sleeves and bindings.  But, it’s not fool proof.  My first attempt was out of a much loved silk, and I totally screwed up the bias neck binding and the French seams around the sleeves.  I plan to have another go with silk since the lack of darts make this pattern a perfect candidate for a tricksy fabric like charmeuse, but next time I’ll try taking advantage of fabric starch to get nice French seams – I’ve heard good things about that tip lately.

Sew Well Belcarra Blouse

My silk version was supposed to be a test of the pattern for Tasia.  But, as the testing deadline neared and the silk continued to be uncooperative, I realized I was only going to be able to send written feedback, no pictures of a lovely finished garment.  Disappointed, I vowed to try again. But, this time instead of continuing to struggle with silk, I turned instead to a very forgiving cotton/linen blend I have had in my stash ever since my big trip to FabMo. Version two came together in no time.

Sew Well Belcarra Blouse

For this version I neatened each seam with my serger and took my time with the bias neck binding even though the cotton/linen blend was so much easier to work with than the silk.  I sewed the binding to the neckline, trimmed the seam allowances, turned the binding inward, pressed everything over a tailor’s ham, pin basted, and then sewed again.  Tasia provides lots of markings that help make sure the bias binding is perfectly aligned around the neck, but I still got a few subtle twists where I must have gotten things just ever so slightly off.

Sew Well Belcarra Blouse

The hemline is just an edge-stitched double fold.


It should be no surprise that I love Sewaholic Patterns.  I’d own them all if money were no object.  Yet, even still, this top has to be one of my favorites.  It can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric and the styling.  The raglan sleeves allow for lots of fun fabric combinations.  I’d love to try one where the entire top was made in a sheer, but the front and back were lined in something opaque.

Sew Well Belcarra Blouse

So far this white blouse is turning out to be a good mommy top.  And, the bonus lesson from having to make two versions before getting one right is that the cotton/linen blend is much more forgiving than the silk would have been.  That said, I don’t seem to be taking that lesson much to heart though as I have so many silk tops planned for this summer!


It turns out baby girl is very skeptical of the tripod and wouldn’t smile for the camera no matter what I tried, but I promise this top has her drool seal of approval.


Look at how big she’s gotten!  I just can’t get enough of her!

33 thoughts on “Pattern Testing the Belcarra Blouse – Take Two

  1. Aw, I just love the baby pictures! She’s so beautiful! You look lovely too, and this top is fantastic! I’ve been sewing with silk a lot lately, but recently I made a simple Scout out of cotton voile, and oh goodness, was that ever easy to sew. I forgot that sewing could be like that…

  2. The top looks fab and your daughter is beautiful! How do you manage to find the time? My little boy is 4 months old and I’m really struggling, infact I’ve taken up knitting in order to allow me some time to make items. (It’s easier to pick up knitting needles than it is to set up my sewing machine!) x

  3. she’s adorable! lovely top. i would definitely stash the silk for a couple of years (unless you love washing – and i’m sure your washing pile is big enough as it is!)

  4. Baby girl is getting soooooo big!!!! And adorable!!! Your top looks very nice on you. I agree with you…I like tops without darts too and I especially like raglan sleeves, so yes it’s a great pattern!

  5. This definitely seems like a great wardrobe staple! I wasn’t blown away by this pattern at first, but I am definitely coming around to it, I love simple shapes like this. I’ll bet it would be easy to lengthen it to a little dress as well! You seem like you are doing great with your little one, she certainly is adorable!!

  6. The blouse looks great on you! The perfect balance of casual and dressy. Definitely a wardrobe staple. Baby girl has grown so much! She’s adorable!

  7. The top looks great on you. I’m bookmarking this pattern. It looks a simple but versatile addition to a wardrobe – as others have said, can be dressed up or down. I can’t believe how big Baby Girl is now, and her lovely hair! Yay you for sewing and posting!

  8. You look fabulous & your wee girl is adorable! I love your top, the raglan sleeves are really nice & it looks so classy in the crisp white. I wear my scout tees all the time – easy to throw on, ease of movement with baby, and machine washable are my main criteria now for sewing for me!

  9. This looks lovely – nice and simple, but a step up from a tshirt! Your little girl is sweet! I can’t imagine any of my lot being that small any more (and it’s not that long ago!)

  10. Oh look at the two of you!!!! So sweet!! Really great top, Amy! Such a classic, easy style. And as a huge proponent of ”all silk, all the time” I think a few of these in silky fabrics could still be baby-drool approved! Try crepe de chine – I swear, that fabric can do no wrong in my book! It’s easy to sew, easy to wash/care for, and loooovveeeelllly to wear!

  11. Too much cuteness in that photo. I would be sceptical of a tripod too if I was bub :-). It looks like a really great, and really practical top. I second Sallie, try crepe de chine….it is indestructible, and I find it even out washes and out lasts some cottons (in the regular washing machine!) – I make super-swishy skirts out of silk crepe de chine scraps for my middle-ballerina-girl and it has sold me on silk as an all day, everyday wear!

  12. Your top looks great & your baby is adorable .- this coming from a first time Grandma of a baby girl 🙂 how does this top compare to the Woven Scout by Grainline . I see the sleeves are different . Thanks

    1. Oh! I thought I’d replied to this comment already. Sorry ME and Alison! The Belcarra blouse varies from the Grainline Woven Scout in that this one has raglan sleeves where as the Scout has traditional tshirt-style sleeves. Neither have any darts. I actually don’t know how the fit differs as I’ve never made the Woven Scout. The sleeves are likely the biggest difference between the two.

  13. It’s a gorgeous blouse (top?) and so very flattering on you! If that isn’t a wardrobe staple right there, then I’ll give up sewing. Well, not really. But you should definitely be making more of them. And bubs doesn’t need to smile – she’s gorgeous just as she is. And growing so fast!!! Enjoy your time 🙂

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