Friday Finds for Sewing Well // moving with a baby!

There’s been a lot of radio silence on the blog this month.  I’ve missed the creativity that writing brings and the joy I get from being an active part of the online sewing community, but there’s just been so much going on outside of the internet.  In a nutshell my husband and I bought our very first house.  We love it.  It’s gorgeous.  And, it must be a magnet for the sun – it’s always so light and bright inside, even on the dreariest of Seattle days.

The downsides:  not only have we had to pack everything up and move for the second time this year – with a three month old baby girl no less – but also the last time this 1909 house was renovated was likely in the ’30s.  There is one outlet in the kitchen, and it’s knob and tube.  There is no stove or refrigerator, but there is one of those giant, scary freezers that will lock you inside if you dare crawl in.  The yard is a blank slate.  There’s a soon-to-be unused chimney running through the center of the house that really breaks up the kitchen and one of the bedrooms.  And, the garage is about to fall down.

Our new home will be a project house, but we’re actually pretty excited about it. We get to design our dream kitchen right away, open up walls that take us back in time and reveal hidden secrets about our house, start planting our very own garden, dream about the future, and more.

Sewing may even be involved in the renovations.  Do I dare try to make my own curtains and cushions and pillows?  Oh my!

Anyway, that’s been the gist of my month.  Exciting times, chez Sew Well.

I have still been trying to keep my eye out for fun Friday Finds though, and this week there seemed to be enough to warrant squeezing in the time to write a post.

  • In the New York area?  Or, headed there soon?  Want to know the secrets of the garment district?  Check out Seek New York Tours, a new sponsor of this blog.  Save by using the coupon code “WELL” when you check out!  I’m even considering hosting a giveaway for a ticket.  Any interest out there for a free tour?!
  • Fine Fabrics is having a big sale.  Just about everything is 20-50% off from what I can tell.  Care for some Burberry?  Pucci?  Missoni?  They’ve got it!
  • Have you signed up for Mood Fabric‘s emails?  I know they (annoyingly?) ask for your email in a popup every single time you go to their site (at least they do for me), so the answer is likely yes, but if not, those emails do have a lot of great one-day-only sales in them.
  • Britex Fabrics is having a remnant sale through the 26th.  Oh how I miss the Bay Area!
  • Teach Me Fashion now has five pattern and video pairings out there (singlet, draped coat, leggings, draped skirt, pants).  Has anyone out there tested any of them out yet?  I’m eager to try!

What else has caught your eye this week?!

11 thoughts on “Friday Finds for Sewing Well

  1. What a lovely house! Looks like a very nice neighborhood too! We’re closing on a house next week (fingers crossed), so I’m with you on sewing curtains and dreaming about a garden (but I spotted a bunny yesterday, so I’m not sure how much of that I’d be harvesting myself)! Also a fixer upper, but from 1998, so definitely not of respectable age like yours. Lots of DIY I won’t be able to do though, because there is a bun in the oven over here 🙂 (can’t believe it’s happening). Definitely daunting to chose wall, flooring and fabric colors! Have FUN!

  2. Congrats again on the new house Amy! Your home sounds very similar to our ‘new’ old house. Ours was built in 1885 and was renovated twice (once in the 50’s and once in 2009) but both times it was done poorly – we’re redoing almost everything that was done & more. Kitchen is where we’re starting too. It’s the most time & money consuming but will be soo worth it once it’s done.

    Can’t wait to see more photos, of course. Cheers!

  3. Congrats on the new house! We also just bought a house of around the same age, four months ago, and boy does time go fast! Blogging isn’t really something that fits in…
    We did a lot already and I made curtains for my sewing room (very simple ones with hooks and curtain band from Ikea). NOT as much fun as sewing clothes, but hey, it’s sewing! I’m curious if and how you will make them!

    In the mean time we try to enjoy our new home and garden as much as we can, we can only DIY in the weekends so there should also be some relaxing time, right?

  4. Congratulations on the exciting times ahead! I especially love the picture of bub on the floor. I can laugh because I have just escaped from our renovation and house moving haze…two renovations, 6 house moves in the past 6 years…my girls are 2,4 and 6yrs…absolute madness but it keeps you from collecting too much junk! The sewing will keep you sane ;-).

  5. Glad to hear from you, Amy! Your new place sounds awesome, think of all the different ways you can customize it. I’m excited for you guys!

  6. Congrats on the house! Home dec sewing isn’t as much fun as clothes (all those boring straight lines!) but can be worth it. I’m still thrilled with the curtains I made for my bedroom years ago & it was a great chance to use fabric I loved but couldn’t quite see as a garment.

  7. Congratulations on the house, and commiserations on the projects that will eat up holiday weekends for years to come. We are also in a project house in Puget Sound. When we pulled out interior door frames we found rolled up newspapers from the year the house was built, 1935. Very cool! Hope you find treasures too.

  8. Oh moving is the pits! But dreaming up your own home is so fun and ongoing. We own an old 20s craftsman home and it is constantly a work in progress. (The plumbing still original, which isn’t great.) I tackled the garden first. Ten years later we are finally renovating the kitchen. I’m glad we didn’t do everything at once, not just for sanity, but because we learned what we really needed and wanted in the process of living. But I love our little wonder house–I’ve lived in a newer home and I’d never go back!

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