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Pleat Hem Dart – PhDs and Sewing

Interview with Seamstress Erin

Recently, the sewing world and the scientific world united in celebration over Seamstress Erin getting her Ph.D.  With her degree in hand, Erin’s had a bit of time to reflect on how important sewing and knitting and quilting and crochet and…  well, you get the point… were to getting her to the end of graduate school.  So, she’s putting together a series of guest blog posts in which sewing bloggers who’ve spent way too many years in school share their reflections on sewing and higher education.  She’s calling the series “OverEducated Seamstress“.

I definitely count as someone who has spent way too many years in school.  I received my Ph.D. in chemistry from Caltech a few years back, but it wasn’t until I was a postdoc at Stanford that I started sewing.  I was honored to have Erin ask me to write a piece for her series. Click through to read five reasons why my training as a scientist has helped my sewing.  And, don’t forget to congratulate Erin on a well-earned degree!

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