Seattle Sewing Saturday

Sew Well - Seattle Sewing Saturday

I’ve been meaning to host a little sewing gathering in my house ever since I moved in this past May.  Not that we have a kitchen yet since we tore out the last-remodeled-in-the-1930s-with-only-one-outlet-and-no-space-for-a-refrigerator kitchen before we moved in and have only now finalized the plans for updating the space.  But, why should little details like that stop me from enjoying the wonderful sewing community around me?!

Anyway, since I’ve been dragging my feet on organizing something all summer, I’ve finally decided to use Erin of Seamstress Erin as my excuse.  We met back when I lived in the Bay Area, and now she’s moved up to Seattle.  I’d love to introduce her to other local sewing enthusiasts, so hopefully a few of you are free this coming Saturday afternoon from 2 to 5 pm-ish.  This Saturday is also MPB day, so it’s only fitting to spread the sewing celebration from NYC all the way across the country to sunny Seattle.

I’ll even have a few sewing-related goodies to give away.  See those fabrics above?  They were donated by Susan, a local seamstress extraordinaire, and will be here for the taking.  If you have something to share, bring it as well:  a fantastic sewing story, a recent finished project, a favorite must-have notion to show off, a muslin that needs fitting, some unwanted stash to swap, or just yourself!

If you’re interested, send me an email!

10 thoughts on “Seattle Sewing Saturday

    1. Thanks! It would be fun to finally meet. Though, at this point I’d probably talk your ear off about house remodeling instead of sewing!!!

  1. I’ve been waiting for an event like this to happen in Seattle! So sad that I’ll be out of town this weekend so make sure you post a recap of the weekend. Perhaps there will another planned soon! Keep up the blog!

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