Seattle Sewing Saturday Success

Sew Well - Seattle Sewing Saturday Success

What a lovely weekend we had here in Seattle!  The sun was out, and I had the pleasure of hosting all of these lovely ladies in my house.  I can tell you for a fact that our orbicularis oculi were getting a workout!

I mean, look at those gorgeous smiles!

Since many of them don’t have blogs, introductions are due.  Let’s start with the back row.  From left to right we have…

In the front, again from left to right, we have…

  • Claire, who missed last year’s fitting meet ups because I misjudged what it meant to be “on call”, but thankfully we met a year later!
  • Suzanne, who’s been sewing forever and recently got a new machine!
  • Baby girl and me, of course!
  • Erin of Seamstress Erin, who is just days away from getting married and going on a crazy honeymoon adventure!

It was fun seeing clothes I know from people’s blogs in real life.  gMarie was wearing her recently finished Colette Moneta.  Well, I guess at one time it may have started as a Moneta, but gMarie definitely made it her own, and the colors were just perfect on her.   Erin was wearing her baseball dress, which just may be the perfect American summer dress.  Helena was wearing her gorgeous v-neck button up with lace yoke, which is just as beautiful as you might imagine in person.

Everyone else seemed to be wearing something handmade as well.  Missy hadn’t blogged it yet since she’d only finished it the day before, but she had on a lovely butterfly dress. Melissa had on a Renfrew that I would have sworn was a fancy ready-to-wear tee.  Claire was wearing a Sencha that she made in a class at Made Sewing Studio in Greenwood, a neighborhood near me in Seattle.

I’m wearing my BurdaStyle twist maxi dress.  I do love that pattern, which served me well during my pregnancy.  Since it’s not technically a maternity pattern, I’ve been pulling it out this summer as well.  It works pretty well for nursing, unlike my shingle dress, which is actually what I first put on to wear at this event.

I didn’t do much to host other than open up my door and have some snacks set out on the dining room table.  Next time I think I’ll try to have name tags and a better way to exchange emails, and I might even think about how to have a more structured show-and-tell.  But, to be honest, I quite enjoyed how everything felt fluid and natural and how everyone just chatted the afternoon away.

Sew Well - Seattle Sewing Saturday Success

My poor husband was nearly invisible the few minutes he popped down into the party.  Baby girl is the only one who seems to aware he’s snapping photos.  She does love her daddy!  Claire, Melissa, Erin, and I are too caught up in conversation!

Sew Well - Seattle Sewing Saturday Success

The past few weeks baby girl has been showing her first signs of “stranger danger”.  It started right after she figured out she had toes. Maybe she had to finish connecting all of the neurons down to her toes before she started making new connections in her frontal lobe?!  Here she is with Claire and Susan putting a bit of a pouty face on since neither of her parents are holding her.  If only she knew how excited everyone was to see her!

Sew Well - Seattle Sewing Saturday Success

Micki, Helena, and Missy talking over snacks and drinks.


Helena, Jennifer, and Maris laughing around the dining table.  You can see the old kitchen door taped off in the back!

Ladies, it was lovely to meet those of you I hadn’t met before and see the rest of you for a second (or third!) time. Let’s make this happen more often!  I tried to mention these a few times during the event, but ideas others have thrown out for future events include…

Thanks again for a lovely Saturday!

14 thoughts on “Seattle Sewing Saturday Success

  1. Looks like so much fun. I love meeting bloggers in real life, they’re all so lovely as they are on their blogs. 😀

  2. how great that you are able to find another group of sewing people to meet up with in Seattle, looks like so much fun.

  3. It looks like you all had such a wonderful time! I’m excited to check out some new-to-me blogs from your guests – if the outfits pictured here are any indication, I’m going to have some lovely reading ahead of me!

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