Inspiration: Tiered Pencil Skirt

Sew Well - Casual Sweet Clothes Review

Don’t tell me I’m the only one – you finish making a garment from a favorite fabric with a scrap left over that’s too big to get rid of but too small to really do anything with. What do you do?  I typically fold it up and stick it back into my stash, hoping for the day when the stars align and I find the perfect reason to use said favorite fabric.

This blue Irish linen from Fine Fabrics (one of my very favorite places to shop online because everything there is so well curated) is one of those pieces for me.  I used it to make a dress for my mom, and after everything was said and done, I was left with maybe a squidge over a quarter of a yard of full width fabric and then a couple of long cross grain pieces from between where the dress front and back panels were cut out.

You can tell from the lovely linen wrinkles just how long it’s been waiting for that perfect pattern.

But, I think I’ve found it!

Sew Well - Casual Sweet Clothes Review

When I was flipping through the most recent book I was sent to review from Laurence King PublishingCasual Sweet Clothes, I stopped short at pattern J, the tiered pencil skirt. I really liked how the addition of the tiers added a lot of visual interest to the always classic pencil skirt.  I’ve been digging pencil skirts lately (there’s one currently cut out on my sewing table!), and I immediately added this skirt to my ever-growing sewing queue.  A quick glance at the pattern pieces told me that I could use this blue linen as long as I cut the top of the skirt from the small full width portion of the fabric and the tiers from the long skinny cross-grain pieces, and then find some similar fabric to use for the under layer.  The hunt for that fabric is now on!

Sew Well - Casual Sweet Clothes Review

As for the rest of the book, I was pleasantly surprised.

Sew Well - Casual Sweet Clothes Review

Look!  Darts! Two-piece sleeves! Side panels!  All in one garment!

While there are plenty of the trendy boxy garments you expect from these types of books (see the cover above), there’s a lot more, which means there’s likely something for everyone here.  I can’t always say that with these books.  And, since the entire book costs about the same as an indie pattern, if there are at least two garments out of the 26 in the book that will tempt you, then it’s a bargain.

Here is some official eye candy to tempt away!

Sew Well - Casual Sweet Clothes Review

Sew Well - Casual Sweet Clothes Review

Sew Well - Casual Sweet Clothes Review

Sew Well - Casual Sweet Clothes Review

I keep seeing these tiered tanks on sewing blogs, but I wasn’t sure they were a real thing until this past weekend when I was hanging out with friends on Bainbridge Island and one of them was wearing a tiered ready-to-wear tank.  I’m still not sure I’m convinced, but I am always the last to jump on trends.

But, tiered skirts?  I’m all over it!  I’m so excited to use every last inch of that amazing linen!

Curious about the book?  Want your very own copy?  You can pre-order a copy here before its release date of August 26th, or you can take your chances in the giveaway going on over at Ginger Makes.  Always a fan of the giveaways, right?! Let’s get our tier on together!

6 thoughts on “Inspiration: Tiered Pencil Skirt

  1. Ooh, that will be so pretty! You’ve inspired me to dig through my fabric leftovers box- there’s too much stuff in there that needs to be matched to a pattern!

  2. Just preordered the book–that pencil skirt is super cute (and I’m planning a pencil skirt or two for this Fall, too!). Can’t wait to see your version!

  3. Hhhhmmm can’t say I’m sure about jumping on the tiered tank bandwagon either… you either look amazing, or you look dreadful I imagine. However, the pencil skirt is gorgeous! I’m all for using up scraps as well… it seems such a waste of pretty fabric to not use them all!

  4. I can’t really get behind the whole tiered tank thing either but I do love the tiered pencil skirt. It will be beautiful in that linen!

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