The House of Eliott

Awhile back I wrote a post lamenting the lack of sewing-related documentaries.  In the comments of that post, you guys repeatedly recommended I check out the BBC costume drama The House of Eliott.

I looked for it on Netflix, but my search came up empty.

I looked for it on YouTube, and I got hopeful when my search produced a link to every episode. I even started dreaming of the fun I’d have hosting a “Watch Along”.  But, every single episode came up as unavailable.

I found it on Amazon, but I wasn’t ready to commit to buying it.

I ended up getting it from my local library (thanks Gina!).

I now want to pass along the recommendation to all of you.  Perhaps you’ll be able to find the episodes online.  If not, don’t forget to check your local library!

27 thoughts on “The House of Eliott

  1. Glad you persisted and found it! It is a FABULOUS series for a sewist… and history fan. Delighted you were able to find it at the library. There are a couple of years on DVD… the last book was never made into the series. (Maybe you can add the DVDs to your Santa wish list )

  2. Thank you! I have secured it from my local library as well. I love BBC series! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  3. For all you Seattle area folks, Scarecrow Video (the best video store in the known universe) has a fine collection of BBC series–and most likely has this.

  4. I’ve seen the first season of this, and I loved it! I got it from the library back in July. I have the other two seasons in my Netflix queue (we get the DVDs instead of streaming and it’s available through that), but the first disc of season 2 has a very long wait so it hasn’t come available yet. I can’t wait to continue on with the show! (The library does have the other seasons, but I don’t go that way very often and the 2-3 day check out period isn’t long enough to watch an entire season!)

  5. The reviews on Amazon warn me that I have to be prepared to be left hanging since Season 3 ends on a cliffhanger, and there is no Season 4. I’m trying to decide if I can handle that. But good find!

    1. You’ve linked to the series I also found on YouTube that was unavailable for me. I bet it’s a can’t-view-in-the-USA thing… Good for those of you elsewhere!

  6. I watched it on PBS when it originally aired and then purchased the entire set. It’s wonderful, especially the period fashions. The only downside is that they didn’t finish the series and ended it after 3 seasons; however it’s still worth watching. Enjoy.

  7. I recall this series with so much affection, but couldn’t remember the name of it. I watched every episode and enjoyed the story, characters and plot almost as much as the clothes, which were lovely. Thank you for reminding me!

      1. I watched the first episode of “House of Eliott,” it was very good. My hubby liked it too. I’ve got snacks in front of me on my coffee table and I’m about to enjoy the second episode. 🙂

  8. I have just switched to my blog reader after searching my local library’s catalogue online (for Usborne activity books for my boys) and this is the first blog entry I read! I had also baulked at spending $AU99 for series 1 of House of Elliot, even though I remember watching it and enjoying when it was first aired on TV (in New Zealand). I have just gone back to the library search and they have all 3 seasons there – yay! Thanks for reminding me to check there 🙂

    1. You might also try checking the YouTube link Gillian posted above in the comments since I have a hunch the only reason the videos were unavailable to me was because I’m in the US.

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